Why You Should Think About Insurance

This post is a guest post, to learn more about my guest post policies, click here! If you’re one of the millions of Americans enjoying [...]

4 Tips To Avoid Sellers Remorse

Hey everyone, today I have a real treat. I was recently contacted by Zillow about a partnership opportunity. One part of the opportunity wou [...]

What investors can learn from Spain’s mistake and how private investors can use gold’s power appropriately

In 2007, Finance Minister Pedro Solbes made a huge mistake. In fact, Solbes’ error may have played a part in Spain’s persistent economic [...]

Carnival of Money Matters – First Edition

Hey everyone, today is an awesome day. It marks CNA Finance’s first blog carnival. Truth is, I’ve wanted to do this for quite so [...]

How to Spot (and avoid!) an Upsell

Ah, upselling.  If you have ever shopped at any type of store, odds are good that you have been exposed to upselling.  What is an upsell? [...]

Federal Stimulus Fail…And Greg The D&*# Head

Hey everyone thanks for joining me. Today is a special day for me. First off, I’ll be talking about something that I’ll really h [...]

Stock Markets Are Down, What We Should Learn From It

Has anyone noticed the stock market tanking? Of course you have! The reality is, the last trading day of January left us with nothing more t [...]

My Very Own Dear Debt Letter!

OK, so I’ve been following Melanie at Dear Debt for a couple of months now. I love the way she humanizes debt and talks about breaking [...]

6 Things You Should Do To Prepare Yourself For A Career In Investing

The field of investing is huge, and it’s not just for investors. Countless behind-the-scenes professionals also contribute to investme [...]
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