An Awesome List Of Videos For Mortgage Seekers

An Awesome List Of Videos For Mortgage Seekers

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One of my good blogging friends, Jeremy from Modest Money informed me of a great list of videos J.P. Morgan put together about home buying. Some day soon, I may be in the market to buy a house (possibly the house Ana and I are renting right now) and I found most of the videos to be incredibly helpful. Although I already knew quite a bit about interest, it was pretty neat to learn exactly what sets a mortgage aside from other loans. So, I figured I'd share. I'll keep the writing short today because I'm incredibly busy, but I hope you enjoy the videos; by the way, just refresh the screen and a new video will load...pretty cool huh!

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  1. I’m still at work so the video is blocked. 🙁 But I wanted to pop over and say again I’m glad you enjoyed the savings article! I better never go broke! 🙂

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