CNA Finance Hall Of Fame

As a personal finance blogger, I read tons of other blogs. However, there are a few people that really stand out, and I think that they deserve some kind of recognition for all the hard work they’ve put into their blogs. So, today I’ll be starting the CNA Finance weekly MVP award. The award, with the exception of today’s award will be completely audience choice. I’ll be announcing the winner of the week in the Why Most Bloggers Fail posts every Friday along with nominees for the next week’s award. From there, it’s up to the audience to let me know who should win the award in the comments on the post!

The First Ever CNA Finance MVP Award Goes To Will Lipovsky!

Will Lipovsky's CNA Finance PF MVP Award

The first CNA Finance MVP Award is going to be the only award that’s given to the blogger of my choice. That blogger is Will. Will Lipovsky is the owner of an awesome blog called First Quarter Finance. Although the blog is incredibly new, Will has already started to build one heck of a community. He’s done so by incorporating personal experiences into his posts, and thinking outside of the box. He’s even got a post about procrastination being a good thing…and believe it or not, by the end of the post, I was convinced. So, here’s to you Will, great job! I’m sure I speak for tons of people when I say this… “We really appreciate all the hard work you’re putting into First Quarter Finance!”

CNA Finance PF MVP Award Week 4


For our third ever viewer’s choice MVP, you have chosen Natalie at Finance Girl! Natalie is a twenty something attorney working hard to pay off enormous amounts of student loan debt. Her blog is witty, and incredibly fun to read. On her blog, Natalie discusses topics like getting out of debt, living an enjoyable lifestyle, and more. She’s also incredibly influential in the blogger community. Thanks for being a great blogger Natalie! You’ve earned your ever-lasting spot in the CNA Finance Hall of Fame!

CNA Finance PF MVP Award Week 3

Debt Debs also known as Debster is the founder of Through her incredible blog, she aims to show that it’s possible to make financial mistakes, get back up, brush your shoulders off, and still plan for retirement. With amazing lessons and a personality that’s to die for, Debt Debs has claimed her position in the hearts of PF bloggers everywhere. Thanks Debster for bringing such an awesome resource to the personal finance community.

CNA Finance PF MVP Award Week 2

Our first ever “reader’s choice” CNA Finance Personal Finance MVP award goes to Laurie at The Frugal Farmer! I remember visiting Laurie’s blog when I first started in the blogosphere myself. As a matter of fact, she was a big part of my inspiration! The Frugal Farmer is an awesome blog that discusses everything from paying down debt to living a more sustainable lifestyle, raising chickens, gardening, being a great parent, and much more. Thank you Laurie for creating such an awesome resource!

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