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Petition For MannKind (MNKD) To Take Sanofi (SNY) To Court

Hi, my name is Joshua Rodriguez. I’m the owner and founder of CNAFinance.com. I have been following MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD) for quite some time. Unfortunately, the story is a sad one. MNKD has fallen dramatically over the past year, and I believe that these declines are the result of willful and malicious acts by Sanofi SA (ADR) (NYSE: SNY). Below, I will explain how Sanofi’s willful and malicous acts caused the declines we’ve seen on MannKind over the past year. At the bottom of this page, there is an opportunity to leave comments. If you are a holder of MNKD stock and agree with the statements made herein, please sign the petition by leaving a comment on this page. In the comment, please state your name and the amount of shares you own in the stock.

Sanofi’s Willful And Malicious Acts Cost MannKind Investors Billions!

Over the past several years, MannKind went through the process of developing Afrezza. Afrezza is an inhaled insulin that is designed to treat diabetes. Before Afrezza, diabetics would have to inject their insulin, an invasive and painful process. As a result of the overwhelming benefits of Afrezza, it only makes sense that the treatment would be relatively easy to market, leading to gains for MNKD and its investors.

On November 8th of 2014, MannKind and Sanofi entered an agreement that gave Sanofi the rights to commercialize Afrezza. Under this agreement, Sanofi was charged with marketing Afrezza in a way that would be beneficial to both MannKind and Sanofi, as well as their investors.

Throughout the course of the year 2015, Sanofi delayed the commercialization of Afrezza. The company held the treatment in the pre-launch phase for several months, offering little to nothing by way of updates or plans of progress. This is because Sanofi was doing little to nothing in the first place.

In mid-2015, investors learned that Sanofi had started the Direct to Consumer phase of marketing for MannKind’s Afrezza. During this phase, Sanofi was expected to market Afrezza to consumers, leading to increased sales. While Sanofi did place a few magazine ads and launch a poorly managed online marketing plan, the company did the bare minimum to market Afrezza. As a result, sales remained low and MannKind’s stock price continued to fall.

On January 5th, 2016, it was announced that the agreement between MNKD and SNY would come to an end. Unfortunately, this led to further declines as there is currently very little available with regard to future marketing plans.

Why Sanofi’s Delays Were Willful And Malicious

Sanofi is currently in the process of marketing several insulin injections. Insulin injections and Afrezza are in direct competition with each other. However, Sanofi makes more money per unit on most insulin injections than it does per unit on Afrezza. As a result, if Afrezza were to become profitable, Sanofi would lose money. So, to avoid this occurrence, in my opinion, Sanofi willfully and maliciously delayed progress on Afrezza, costing MNKD and its investors billions of dollars!

Please Sign This Petition

This petition will be sent to MannKind Corporation on March 31st, 2016. If you are an investor and would like to see Sanofi pay for the money their decisions took out of your pocket, please sign the petition below by leaving a comment with your name and the amount of shares you hold in MNKD. Please keep in mind that comments are moderated and only petition signatures will be approved for viewing. With that said, it may take up to 1 business day for your signature to be seen live.

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  • I've always believed that the deal with Sanofi was a conflict of interest and that Sanofi deliberately with malicious intent failed to bring Affrezza to market because of there own personal gains. If any of you paid attention to the Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly picking up DeMarco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys was simply because he was a threat as a running back. Chip Kelly had no intention of really using his talent as a running back, but to just make sure no one else could use him either. Murray was benched just like Affrezza, which caused them both to lose their shine and ability to grow.

  • I second everything the other shareholders on here are saying, Sanofi needs to be taken down, i will encourage my husband to not prescribe Sanofi medications to his patients, what a CRIMINAL company, they need to feel pain for doing what they did and the only way is through their pocket book...Between my family and i around 15,000 shares...