Sunburn, Curling Irons & Financial Justification

Hey everyone, Mondays are usually guest post Mondays; but I haven’t had the time to reach out to awesome bloggers in our community in a little while. So, while I figure out how to find time to work on that…if you’re interested in contributing a guest post to CNA Finance, please let me know about your interest by sending me an email. Here’s the address We can discuss the details later. Anyway, since there’s no guest post this week, I figured I’d share something that Ana and I were talking about yesterday.

Great Times On A Boat (Blow up raft…whatever!)

Nick (My business partner), Ana, and I have all been talking seriously about getting a boat. After all, I’ve wanted one since I was growing up; and if the business can do it, why not? Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that a big nice boat was way out of the question. So, being phroogies (An awesome term by the way that Jason at Phroogal came up with), we went to Wal-Mart and got 2, 4 person, $40 blow up rafts and a few oars. Just as good, much less expensive.

Yesterday, we took our boats to the island to go fishing, and had a blast. We caught a fish that was this big…not! We actually didn’t catch anything more than sunburn; but we had an awesome time. We also got one heck of a workout…I forgot how intensive rowing can really be. Who needs a gym?

Then The Curling Iron Came In

To end our Saturday night, we decided to go out and play pool. Of course Ana loves to look great when we go out, so she broke out the curling iron and got to work on her hair. I sat in the bathroom and chatted with her as she was doing her hair. Out of nowhere, she did that thing Peter from Family Guy does when he hits his knee. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click play on the video above. Unfortunately, Ana had just burnt her sunburn with the curling iron.

The first thing that came to mind was “That’s gotta really bite!” She just burnt her sunburn. I’m not sure how the conversation turned, but when Ana and I get to talking, we can find amusement in just about anything. Anyway, I posed this question…

If you burn a sunburn, does it really hurt worse than burning yourself in the first place? Honestly, does the sunburn make the affect of the burn any different?

In my opinion, the answer is no! Here’s why I say that….If you somehow had a hole put in your arm, it would hurt…BAD! But if you cut that arm completely off, do you think having a hole in the beginning would make cutting it off any worse?

Then the conversation lead to our thoughts on general human psychology. We always think that bad things come in multiples. Why? Because that’s the perspective we look at it from. When we’re in a bad mood, or something bad happens to us, we try to justify our mistakes by making the consequences seem far worse that what they actually are. Obviously, we don’t think about it, it just happens. Ana knew touching her skin was a mistake, but she’d done that in the past. And when she really thought about it, it wasn’t any worse than any of the other times she’s done it. However, for some reason, she felt like the backlash from this mistake was far worse than it should have been in the beginning. I hope I didn’t lose anyone there…but that’s how the conversation went.

Tying The Idea To Finance

I don’t know why I do this, but any time I have an “Ah Ha!” moment, I always try to tie the idea to money. I started to think of a scenario that I’ve seen quite a bit among friends, family, and even written subliminally about in blogs! Here’s the scenario…

Someone forgot that they had this or that bill. It came time to pay that bill, and unfortunately they didn’t have enough money to cover. The end always changes; they got a loan from friends, the family helped, they did a quick side hustle, who knows? It’s always different, but the idea is the same. Somewhere in the story, the financial justification starts to happen.

For example, I’ve read that someone had a hard time paying an auto loan that was just over $250 per month. While they were telling the story, they mentioned that they shouldn’t have purchased that extra cup of coffee 3 days this month. Using $9 worth of coffee as a justified excuse as to why they couldn’t pay a $250 bill….really? Or is it more like the $9 hurt, but it had very little to do with why they couldn’t come up with $250? Shouldn’t they be doing something about their spending and saving habits beyond considering $9 worth of coffee as an issue if they can’t come up with $250 to pay their bills? Is the cup of coffee the sunburn?

Seriously, that was a question to you…I’d love to read your answer below!

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