Why Aytu Bioscience’s (AYTUD) Fiera May Arouse The Female Sexual Dysfunction Market

For those paying attention, it’s evident that the Aytu Bioscience pipeline is going through a major growth spurt. And, while Aytu’s, Natesto, has been garnering a substantial portion of the sales and marketing focus, the company’s additional products, MiOXSYS and Fiera may prove to become just as valuable to future revenue streams. And, if sales mimic Natesto, who has seen its revenue ramp by over 400% during the past two-quarters, the future for AYTU may soon align in shareholders favor.

With both Natesto and MiOXSYS now receiving generous market coverage and analysis, the third product in the AYTU pipeline, Fiera, may be next to enjoy both investor and consumer interest as details of this drug-free, revolutionary female sexual dysfunction treatment makes its way to a global market. Fiera, for those new to AYTU, is a hands-free, wearable product designed for women to increase sexual interest, arousal, and perhaps most importantly, target and treat female sexual dysfunction (SD) issues.

Fiera: A Women’s New Best Friend?

Like Natesto and MiOXSYS, Fiera is looking to take advantage of a growing opportunity in the sexual dysfunction and treatment market. And, why not. In the U.S sexual wellness market alone, which is estimated to reach $9.75 billion in value by 2020, significant opportunities abound, and AYTU is aiming for the sweet spot in several differentiated SD markets.

Alongside big names like Viagra or Cialis, there exist a myriad of products, drugs, and treatments designed for the improvement of men’s sex lives, but the market is currently lacking in new and innovative products intended for women. Aytu wants to fill that gap, targeting the estimated 45% of women worldwide that report sexual dysfunction issues, with symptoms that include a lowered sex drive to difficulties with arousal. As is the case for most health and personal care matters, there are a handful of drugs on the market that aim to treat specific diagnosed problems. But, what if these problems could be drastically improved, without the use of a drug? Well, that is precisely what the Fiera device plans to do.

Aytu Bioscience’s, Fiera Personal Care Device, is the industry’s first hands-free wearable product for women and is designed to increase female interest and readiness for sexual activity naturally, without the use of any drugs. With initial testing showing remarkably positive results, Fiera could very likely revolutionize the way female sexual dysfunction gets treated.

Fiera Is A Natural Alternative

The Fiera device is unique and has been clinically proven to increase sexual desire and arousal through natural stimulation. Fiera’s design as an external, hands-free device makes it an appealing option for many women who are rightfully wary of taking a prescribed medication to combat the SD issue, which can cause unwanted side effects. The product was created by collaborating with numerous healthcare and sexual wellness professionals and is designed to discreetly and quickly help women overcome problems with sexual dysfunction. At its core, Fiera aims to work for women similar to how Viagra works for men: increasing blood flow to the genitals. To do so, Fiera works by using gentle suction and stimulation in such a way that enhances a women’s blood flow, lubrication, and overall readiness for sexual intimacy. Since its development, Fiera has undergone numerous clinical tests by health care professionals and consumers alike, and its scientifically-based design has already proven to be effective in the vast majority of users, including both pre and post-menopausal women. In a study in which women aged 25-75 used Fiera for four weeks, 97% of the participants reported that they felt more physically aroused, and 93% indicated that the device helped them to feel more “in the mood” for sexual intimacy. Also, 87% of participants reported feeling as ready for sex as their partner did, and 96% said they were once again able to look forward to and feel excited about sexual intercourse. Notably, studies have also shown that Fiera can help women achieve arousal in an average of only five minutes of use. Overall, consumers indicate in the vast majority of cases that Fiera is fast-acting, discreet, and most of all, effective. Not only does Fiera work, but the discreet, hands-free use of the device is another big selling point of the product. Many women may feel uncomfortable purchasing any product that addresses sexual activity or function, and Fiera’s subtle design and quick effect work to minimize the hesitation that a woman might have with purchasing other products in the market. Additionally, Fiera can be bought online or through a doctor’s office, which allows for the easy and private ownership of the product.

The Blossoming Female Sexual Dysfunction Industry

To date, studies have shown Fiera to be extremely effective in accomplishing its intentions. But, for investors, understanding how AYTU can monetize the Fiera opportunity remains a leading issue. Well, as stated earlier, the U.S. sexual wellness industry is estimated to reach over $9.75 billion in market value by 2020. There is significant money to be made by new and innovative products within the market space, and Fiera hits both of those marks. Investors can track the recent activity by leading companies within the sexual wellness market to get an idea of the lucrative potential Fiera could bring. For instance, Hologic, a leader in women’s health products, recently acquired Cynosure, Inc for an approximate $1.65 billion. Also, the company that developed Addyi, often referred to as the “female Viagra,” was recently purchased by Valeant for approximately $1 billion, along with a share of the drug’s future profits. Following a potentially similar course, Fiera was originally developed by Nuelle, a company that recognized an opportunity in partnering with Aytu given AYTU’s company’s strong portfolio of male sexual wellness products, namely Natesto and MiOXSYS. However, Aytu quickly realized the compelling clinical data and revolutionary potential of Nuelle’s Fiera device, and decided to acquire Nuelle in an all-stock transaction. Before Nuelle’s acquisition by Aytu, Fiera was not the focus of any major marketing campaigns, and marketing efforts remained confined to a select number of sexual wellness physicians and online markets. Now, with the acquisition complete, Aytu has begun the initial phases of integrating Fiera into its sales force, which should give the device the push it needs to gain traction and sales momentum in the market. And, a product as unique and effective as Fiera brings with it great potential to catch the attention of consumers and industry leaders alike, making the device a very welcome addition to Aytu’s portfolio of products.

Arousing The Female Market

From a product perspective, the expertly crafted Fiera Personal Care Device has everything going for it: sleek, unobtrusive design, a natural and drug-free method of acting, and most of all, a clinically proven woman-centered product. Now that Fiera is in the hands of AYTU, the management team is working to raise awareness of this potential game-changer. The results are already emerging, and a successful marketing campaign could be the only thing Fiera needs to achieve mainstream status. The product’s design makes it a safe and appealing option for women who wish to improve their sexual wellness, especially those who would rather refrain from taking modestly effective drugs that carry the risk of side effects. Fiera could be the answer that millions of women have searched for, and has the potential to bring in significant revenue opportunity for Aytu. Sitting alongside Aytu Bioscience’s catalog of unique and similarly lucrative male products, Fiera is the perfect complement to the company’s portfolio.

Now that AYTU is flush with cash, perhaps enough to drive the company to profitability, investors may be wise to focus on the pipeline opportunities rather than short term strategic initiatives that are intended to benefit investors for the long term. Having a new share structure, three promising products, and a focus on a multi-billion dollar market potential should outweigh any reserved sentiment regarding the pending capital restructure. When all is said and done, AYTU, with over $10 million in the bank and an adjusted share count of fewer than five million shares, the company may very well be in a position to arouse investor interest and capitalize on significant market opportunities. For those that are willing to take a position and allow AYTU to develop its promising pipeline of products, the probability of earning both near and long-term. success may prove likely, keeping investors satisfied for many years to come.

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