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Will Lipovsky

Hey, everyone!  Most of you already know me but this is my ‘official’ introductory post for CNA Finance!  My first guest spot was back in May!  Seems like forever ago in blog months!  Since Josh is busy rocking projects such as, I’m your new weekly contributor!

A bit about me…

I grew up on a farm Nebraska.  It’s right in the middle of the US if you didn’t know. :D  Being smart with money got planted (get it?) in my head early.  With the help of my parents, I began investing in my Roth IRA at age 10.  I ended up losing most of that money due to insider trading but that’s another story for another day.

As I grew up, I hustled like an adult struggling to pay child support.  Some weekends I worked 5 jobs!  I always had fun though.  I knew it was stupid to work a job I didn’t enjoy.  If I did, I would always be itching to get off the job so I could have fun.  So if I could have fun while at the job… I could dedicate nearly all my free time to making money.

I earned, saved, and invested all throughout school.  And no, I didn’t put my grades on the back burner.  I just did my homework on my snare drum during morning band practice.  When I graduated college at 21, I tipped over the $100k net worth mark.

I’m telling you this just to add a little credibility to my 24-year-old self.  I’m young so I feel I have to prove myself! :D Today, I work for a large financial services company as a bank analyst.  Snoop my LinkedIn for more details.  The purpose of my job is to make banks more profitable.  But honestly, I relate more to being a blogger/freelancer.  This personal finance community is where I belong!

Let’s get personal

My favorite movie is Up in the Air with George Clooney.  I’m also powerless against the ‘suggestions’ side bar on YouTube.  I love me some cat videos.

When I’m not on the interwebs, I’m an outdoorsman… errr, outdoorsperson(?), foodie, traveler, farmer, cyclist, reader, gearhead, and lover of anyone with a good story to tell.

What I’ll do for you

I will write informative articles focusing on specific issues such as predatory lending… things like that.  All of which will include a healthy dose of wit and sarcasm.  I probably hate dry articles more than you.  Getting a minor in political science gave enough boring reading material to last a life time.

I’ll see you here each week (maybe more often if you guys will put up with me!).  You can also read my stuff twice weekly on my blog, First Quarter Finance where I focus on making money in life ASAP.  Go figure.  Feel free to contact me any time. Thanks for reading!  I’ll see YOU again soon!

-Will Lipovsky

If you’re cool crazy enough to want to know more about me, here’s my About Me page.

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23 Comments on New Regular Contributor! – Will Lipovsky of First Quarter Finance

  1. Congrats, Will! It’s great to see you here as well. I love your fresh perspective.
    Melanie @ My Alternate Life recently posted…Finding My Way Back to FitnessMy Profile

  2. Hey Will! I’ll be a regular contributor as well. It’s nice to meet you, brother! I’m heading to your blog now to check it out.
    Kalen @ MoneyMiniBlog recently posted…6 Take-Action Steps to Get Out of Credit Card DebtMy Profile

  3. Hey Will,

    It is cool to see you branching out some! I’m not sure how these contributor gigs work, but I see a few other bloggers doing it on other blogs. Is it just like regular guest posting basically?
    Kipp recently posted…Save Over $25.00 a Hour Making Your Own Laundry SoapMy Profile

  4. Nice to see you on here, Will!
    Lauren recently posted…3 Tips for Thrift Shopping SuccessMy Profile

  5. Congrats on the gig, Will! Looking forward to reading your stuff here too! I also have a BA in political science… oh how that discipline loves its dry articles :)
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…Great Trash Finds: The Mom EditionMy Profile

  6. Very cool that you’ll be contributing over here Will. Looking forward to reading you!
    Kassandra recently posted…The Rebirth Of Ground ZeroMy Profile

  7. Congrats, Will! Love your wit! You will be a welcome addition here at CNA Finance. Josh is not that funny :-D j/k mwah to the boss man xo
    debt debs recently posted…Thoughts on SuicideMy Profile

  8. Whoa Will, you’re everywhere! :) Congrats!
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…Four Tips for Decorating On a BudgetMy Profile

  9. This is awesome, Will! Looking forward to reading your stuff over here, too.
    Natalie @ Financegirl recently posted…Positive Money AffirmationsMy Profile

  10. Dammit, Will! Everywhere I go online I find you lately!

    Looking forward to read more about you here!
    No More Waffles recently posted…Total (FP) Stock Analysis: High Yield and StabilityMy Profile

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