2015 Pot Stock Rally


Pot StocksWith the Marijuana and Hemp Stock sectors starting to gain massive attention, traders are beginning to notice unusual activity in these stocks. Unusual volume in certain stocks is spiking curiousity. Pre-market trading in the 100,000’s of thousands of shares is making investors wonder. Could this be the start? These Pot Stocks are scraping the bottom of the barrel now. How much lower can we go? One stock, THCZ, made an incredible run from under a penny to .047 cents most recently. Ironically, the stock seems to just have teased investors. Holding out for a true explosion. On the other side of the coin, we have a stock like ERBB repetitively kissing 52-week lows what seems like every session. ERBB is an amazing company with a solid gameplay just sitting back and waiting to collect profits. Investors don’t like waiting. So in the meantime, we’re watching the stock get drilled down into sub-penny land. What’s that old saying — Buy Low, Sell High? Perfect timing with ERBB. Load up 500K shares and your thank you letters will be drone-choppered to my private mansion. Sorry in advance, I won’t be able to respond. But you’re welcome. I wouldn’t count on this one to be down too long before we see some sort of long-term trend reversal. HEMP is another stock traders enjoy keeping a watchful eye on. This volatile, explosive stock can rally from .03 to .33 too quick to notice. It’s a real gainer. Just better be ready for it. CBIS is another more stable grower. A major player in the cannabis market and a reasonably priced stock coming in at only about .0494 cents a share. One of the leaders, truly positioned for long-term growth in the field. MJNA is another stable one. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Medical Marijuana, Inc. If not, go familiarize yourself with it’s coolest member, Tripp Keber! Tripp got arrested some time back in Alabama for possessing a small amount of concentrate. Way to go Tripp!! We love you!

Alaska now joins the nation as the 3rd official state to straight up legalize weed. DC may be next. Or a host of others. Maybe Florida, who barely missed legalization last time around. The Pot tentacles are growing, extending, spreading, and reaching out. Smart businessmen and investors appreciate the seriousness and reality of this movement. Big elections are coming whereby Marijuana will without question be a highly discussed topic as far as legalization.

Investors and trader are quietly accumulating. It’s no longer a secret. It’s now just a matter of time until each and every one of the marijuana and hemp stocks, and even those related thereto, experience the massive upward surge that has been whispered all over the town.

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