4 Types of Careers to Get with a Master’s Degree in Counseling

Getting a masters in counseling opens the door to even more career opportunities, some of which mean greater earning potential, a flexible working environment, and the sense of satisfaction attained from helping others. Plus, it could result in more challenges that help advance personal and professional development.

These other careers also offer a way to leverage the new knowledge and skills gained from the additional study required. In this manner, getting an advanced counseling degree is its own reward. Here are four types of careers to consider when pursuing a masters in counseling.

Marriage and Family Counselor

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 With today’s seemingly increasing stress, more couples and families are struggling to stay together. The issues involved are often complex and involve many factors, including individual problems, communication issues, and external dynamics. All of them must be identified, understood, and addressed by a marriage and family counselor. There are often heated emotions and personal situations involved that require a special person who understands how to apply counseling concepts that yield improved relationships and happy families.

Substance Abuse Counselor

 Another counseling career that is growing in opportunity is to help those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication. While it is a mentally and emotionally challenging career, it can offer the satisfaction of helping a person regain control over their lives. These counselors often work in substance abuse treatment centers or may even visit prisons and hospitals to help people get back on track.


Whether you opt for the growing online teaching opportunities or stick with the traditional teaching environment, a masters in counseling opens the door to a career as a professor or instructor at a college or technical school. Further opportunities exist in overseeing a psychology course at a high school or working as a tutor. In order to teach at the university level, a doctoral degree is required. Teaching can be satisfying in terms of the level of interaction and engagement with those eager to learn.

International Humanitarianism

At the heart of counseling is the goal of helping others. Consider taking on an international career in humanitarianism with organizations like the Peace Corps or the Red Cross as well as any of the hundreds of international aid organizations that work in various countries around the world. This provides a way of taking theoretical knowledge about the human condition and applying it on a global scale to make a real difference.

Just be sure to think about which masters in counseling will align with one of these potential counseling careers. There are also other different types of masters in counseling to consider. These include a Master of Arts or Master of Science in Counseling for private and school practice, a Master of Education in Counseling that involves education and the mental health setting, a Master of Social Work for counseling in the area of social services, and a Master in Counseling Psychology to work in that field.  Be sure to check with a career counselor at the college or university of interest to determine which type ofyour best choice for a masters degree in counseling.


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