6 Things You Should Do To Prepare Yourself For A Career In Investing

Fisher InvestmentsThe field of investing is huge, and it’s not just for investors. Countless behind-the-scenes professionals also contribute to investment success. Whether you want to become an investor yourself or are looking for a career in investment banking, consider these tips to help you prepare.

Explore the Field Now

The sooner you can get your foot in the door, the more opportunities you’ll have when you’re ready to settle down in your career. Explore entry-level positions in the area of finance to network with people in your field, get an idea if the field of investment is right for you, and gain experience and knowledge. Consider attending conferences, applying for jobs, and subscribing to investment magazines even before you’re ready for your dream job. To start your journey, watch this Fisher Investments video to understand what to expect when entering the field.

Get an Investment-Related Degree

Most positions in investing require a degree in a related field, such as finance or accounting. While experience alone is sometimes enough, you may need a degree to even be considered for a position. In fact, some positions even require an MBA if you’re looking into investment banking or higher positions. Decide which direction you’ll take based on what your ultimate goal is, and work on acquiring that degree.

Learn Outside the Classroom

Getting a degree isn’t always enough to advance your career no matter what field you’re studying. When it comes to finance and investments, it’s important to keep on top of the latest trends, so even when you’re studying the ins and outs of finance while you’re in school, you should be learning about other aspects of finance on your own. Read blogs and newspapers, subscribe to investment magazines, and keep an eye on investment companies’ websites. This will help you understand the industry as it is now and prepare for what’s to come.

Attend Networking and Recruitment Events

One of the best ways to find jobs and get hired is by networking with other professionals in the field. You can do this by:

  • Attending networking events, such as conferences
  • Connecting over social media
  • Joining conversations on forums
  • Engaging in volunteer or job opportunities

Remember that the most meaningful connections come from the people you meet in person since you’ll be more memorable. Connect with people online after meeting them face to face to keep in touch.

By taking advantage of the network opportunities available to you, you’ll get to know people in your field, which can open you up to learning opportunities and job openings.

Actively Prepare for Job Applications

If you don’t rock your application, resume, and interview, it’s going to be tougher to get your dream job. Start now by working on your skills. Attend resume training sessions, practice mock interviews, read up on interview tips, and learn how to create a cover letter. The better these skills are, which can come through practice and confidence, the easier it will be to find a job and get your closer to your dream job faster.

Work as an Intern

When it comes to the field of investing, one of the best ways to get a full-time job after college is to work as an intern first. This may or may not already be required by your education program, but if it isn’t, look into finding internship positions at firms you would like to work at full-time. Once you’re done with your internship, you’ll have a better chance of getting hired on full-time, but even if you don’t make the cut with that company, this offers a spectacular networking and education experience. Plus, you can add the experience to your resume.

Whatever your dream job is in the field of investing, these mentioned tips can help you prepare for a fulfilling career.

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  1. Right. I think personality and skills matter the most when it comes to landing a career in the field of investing. You have to know how to deal with people given different circumstances and at the same time, be knowledgeable in order to call out good decisions. Experience simply does so much in leveling up these essentials.


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