Aemetis (AMTX) Stock: Is Today’s Fall An Opportunity In The Making?


Aemetis Inc AMTX Stock NewsAemetis Inc (NASDAQ: AMTX) has had an incredibly strong run in the market in recent sessions. However, you wouldn’t know that by looking at the action today. Unfortunately, the stock is down around 20% following the dramatic gains that we saw last week. However, considering recent news, this may be an opportunity in the making. Today, we’ll talk about the recent news that we’ve seen from AMTX lately, what we’re seeing from the stock, and what we’ll be watching for ahead.

Recent News From AMTX

The month of March is just about halfway over and it has been a very busy one for Aemetis. In fact, the company has issued 5 press releases so far this month alone. Here’s what we’ve seen recently:

  • March 5th – On March 5th, AMTX announced that it has been named in Biofuel Digest’s list of the 50 hottest companies. Here’s a link to the release for more information.
  • March 6th – On March 6th, the company announced that it had completed operation of a cellulosic ethanol integrated demonstration unit that produced record yields. Here’s the link to the release for more information on this announcement.
  • March 12th – On March 12th, AMTX announced that it achieved a major engineering milestone by completing front-end loading engineering for its 12 million gallon per year cellulosic ethanol plant in Riverbank, CA. Here’s the link to the release.
  • March 14th – On March 14th, the company announced that it had received official validation of cellulosic ethanol yields at a demonstration facility. Here’s the link to this one.
  • March 16th – Finally, on March 16th, Aemetis announced that it completed the construction of an advanced biodiesel pre-treatment unit that will move the company along with regard to the BP supply agreement. Here’s the link to the release.

With all of this news released in a very short period of time, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen strong gains in recent sessions from the stock. So…

Why Is The Stock Down?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, today isn’t proving to be a strong one for Aemetis. In fact, the stock is down. Of course, our partners at Trade Ideas were the first to alert us to the declines. Currently (10:30), AMTX is trading at $1.95 per share after a loss of $0.50 per share (20.41%). With such strong news, why in the world is the stock trading down?

First, we always look to the wires for updated news in these situations. In the case of AMTX, nothing new has been released. This leads us to believe that this is nothing more than normal movement in the market. Recently, Aemetis has skyrocketed. As the stock reached the top, it seems as though some of those involved are starting to take some profits. After all, while the stock is down significantly from Friday’s close, it’s still up significantly from Friday’s open at just over a buck per share.

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Is This Time To Buy

At the end of the day, I can’t give any personal advice like that through a broad-reaching article. After all, everyone has their own unique needs and goals in the world of investing. Not to mention, I’m not a financial advisor. So, it is always suggested at CNA Finance that you do your own due diligence and/or speak with your personal financial advisor. Nonetheless, I can say that AMTX is worth taking a look at, in my opinion. Recent news surrounding the stock has been overwhelmingly positive. While no one can tell the future, I believe that the dip we’re seeing in the value of the stock today is nothing more than normal market movement, as massive gains were seen on Friday. So, we could see further movement in the positive direction soon, and this could prove to be a strong opportunity!

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