Akers Biosciences (AKER) Stock: Is Now The Time To Get Involved?


Akers Biosciences Inc AKER Stock NewsAkers Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: AKER) has been an interesting stock to watch as of late. If you got involved last year, you were likely upset with the stock’s performance, as it simply wasn’t great. However, after falling to a low of $0.13 per share in late December, we’ve seen support hit hard and the stock fly dramatically, gaining in multiples over the past few months. So, it’s no surprise that AKER is grabbing more and more attention from investors, but is now the time to consider this investment? Today, we’ll talk about:

  • What AKER does;
  • the impressive pipeline the company has amassed;
  • recent news that has led to the dramatic run up over the past quarter;
  • risks to consider; and
  • what we’ll be watching for ahead.

What Does AKER Do?

Akers Biosciences is a commercial-stage biotechnology company. This means that the company’s core focus is in the medical space, and, through regulatory approvals of products, the company has products on the market generating revenue. In particular, these products surround the idea that prevention and early detection is key with regard to patient health and well being.

As a result, AKER has amassed a series of tests. In particular, the company offers various diagnostics tests, wellness tests, and even safety tests. Not to mention, the company has an impressive pipeline of tests in development.

The Impressive Product Lineup & Pipeline The Company Has Amassed

Looking at the Akers Biosciences website, it’s not hard to see that the company has developed a strong lineup of approved products as well as an equally impressive pipeline. Here’s a quick look at the products the company has in commercialization as well as in development:

  • Clinical Diagnostics Tests – AKER has three currently approved tests that are designed to help medical clinicians facilitate or rule out diagnoses with the goal of allowing faster treatment decisions. These tests also give clinicians an affordable option for mass screening of key infectious diseases. The approved tests include PIFA® Heparin/PF4 and PIFA PlussPF4TM as well as PIFA® Malaria, the latter only being available outside of the United States at the moment.
  • Safety Diagnostics – Akers Biosciences also has a safety diagnostics test on the market. This test is designed for individuals, corporations, and law enforcement agencies to monitor the presence of alcohol in the human body. The company’s BreathScan® Alcohol Detectors provide rapid results through a relatively inexpensive solution.
  • Wellness – In the wellness area, AKER currently has 4 products on the market. These products are designed to allow healthcare professionals and consumers to test, monitor, and track various aspects of their health over time. These tests take advantage of the company’s proprietary technology, which enables quick test times with nothing more than breath. These products include the BreathScan KetoCheckTM, BreathScan OxiCheckTM, BreathScan LyncTM reader, and METRON®.
  • Products In Development – At the moment, AKER has various products in development. None of these products are approved by the FDA or any other regulatory body but are being developed with the goal of approval and commercialization. These products include tests for Asthma, Chlamydia, COPD, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, and Troponin / Myocardial Infraction.

Recent News Out Of AKER

Recently, news released by Akers Biosciences has proven to be overwhelmingly positive, helping to push the value of the stock toward the top in a dramatic fashion. After a steady recovery from dramatic declines seen as the result of a public offering, the gains in AKER have only sped over the past week after the company released overwhelmingly positive news.

About a week ago, AKER announced a distribution agreement that led to a run that is continuing today. In a press release, the company said it entered into a national distribution agreement with Diagnostica Stago. Diagnostica Stago is a massive company and a recognized leader in the field of hemostasis. As a result of the agreement, the company will be a key player in the commercialization of PIFA PlussPF4TM, likely leading to a strong increase in revenue. In a statement, John J Gormally, CEO at AKER, had the following to offer:

The addition of Stago to our growing and distinguished distributor network is a significant milestone in the commercialization of PIFA PLUSS PF4™. Stago is a recognized leader in the field of hemostasis and has a very large and established customer base to which to market our product. Through Stago, Akers Bio will gain access to a dedicated and specialized sales team who are focused exclusively on buyers of hemostasis-related products. Akers Bio is excited about the potential for near-term US sales growth through this new, additional and specialized channel to market.

Consider The Risks


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