American Green Inc., (OTC:ERBB) Drowns in Fresh 52-Week Lows

Marijuana Stock NewsWith all of the Pot Stock and Green Rush chatter, it’s kind of hard to ignore the Marijuana Investment Sector. As many are aware, Weed Stocks have made investors and traders big money over the past few years in particular. These stocks continue to remain a force to be reckoned with and investments that truly should be highly considered now while they remain at the ground floor. But not for long.

ERBB is well-known as one of the leading prospects in the Penny Pot Stock World. But recently the stock has been taking heat from investors and traders alike. Controversy began after the company delayed, yet again, the release of their quarterly earnings. All of this follows their recent release of the famous ZaZZZ marijuana dispensary machines in Seattle, Washington. Five additional machines will be leased to a Kentucky CBD-only shop as well. For more information on American Green, Inc. check us out at or go to Most recently, Alaska has become the 3rd State to effectuate marijuana legalization. These Pot Stocks have many curious and rushing to snag as many “cheapies” as possible before the big boy capital starts pouring in.

American Green has been consistently falling, tagging newer and newer 52-week lows in what seems to be every session. Yesterday, ERBB marked its newest 52-week low dropping to .01 cent. The stock has a 52-week high of .113 cents on March 25, 2014. ERBB is trading a 10-day average volume of 28M shares per session and a 22-day average volume of 22.6M shares. Currently, the stock has 4.35B shares outstanding and a float of 4.3B. It has a Market Cap. of 44M.

The current Relative Strength Index (RSI) is indicating a 25.0 for three and six-month reads reflecting oversold territory for the equity. Some traders have been suggesting a bounce for some time, meanwhile others feel sub-penny territory is a reality.

Many feel ERBB is one of the leading contenders as far as relative potential for a run during the next Pot Stock Rally. Traders have been watching the sector closely as some marijuana and hemp stocks have already displayed mini-rallys. During this stock’s last rally in March 2014 the stock cleared .10 cents. Watch for the stock to be eyeing up .25+ cents for the next rally. Depending on the size of the run, the $1.00 range is not impossible or unexpected for a solid company like this with such a promising future.

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4 thoughts on “American Green Inc., (OTC:ERBB) Drowns in Fresh 52-Week Lows”

    • “They seem poised for growth,”
      Really? How is that? They have over 4 billion outstanding shares and they keep issuing more to pay off debt. They are about to reach their limit so they can do a reverse split or go out of business. Their website/Internet skills are about as good as high-school kids. No, I;m sorry to all the high-school kids. American Green is worse. How long can a company have a place holder for their website (ZaZZZ) and no link to or from their AG site. Really? Information does not come out in a timely manner and everything is getting delayed. Why do you think they run their company like children? I’m just curious. I won stock in this company and it is pathetic. I should have taken that money and invested in a serious marijuana company and not some rank amateurs. My loss. I will sit and wait (like all us share – holders) for the news that they are doing a reverse split or going out of business.

  1. The company is poorly run. The person doing this article should have written about WHY the stock is at one penny and going lower. Anyone with a few minutes of time can see why. The company delays everything, puts out amazing PR and than followed up by delayed and than bad news, and their website has no information, the ZaZZZ website is a place holder, their stock (the float) is at the limit before they have to do a reverse split or go out of business, and my nephew could run a better company. Very sad. Someone ought to call these people up and say “WAKE UP AND START RUNNING THE COMPANY LIKE RESPONSIBLE COMPETENT PEOPLE or JUST PACK IT IN!”

  2. If I had the time and the money (to take off from work), I would take a video camera and go to their offices and video tape me saying “What is wrong with you people? Can’t you at the very least manage your website like a responsible company? Can’t you get your ZaZZZ machines into Colorado or Alaska? Where are your sales with all the other things that you sell on your website? Where are the numbers? Don’t you have a sales staff? What’s wrong with your marketing staff? Maybe you don’t have one.” Than take that video and put it on youtube (a hint for anyone with the guts to do this who lives close to their offices. I don’t). They would either change and be professional or we watch them go out of business which is where we are already going.


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