Apple (AAPL) Registers As Swiss Automaker! Apple Car Coming!


Apple Registers As Auto Maker In SwitzerlandThere have been tons of rumors flying around about whether or not Apple will be making a car. Those rumors have now been put to rest; as it is apparent that a car is on the agenda. According to Bloovi, Tuesday 3/3/2015, Apple has officially registered as an automaker in Switzerland!

Apple Trademark Registration In Switzerland

Apple’s trademark can now be placed on any “Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, electronic hardware components for motor vehicles, rail cars, and locomotives, ships and aircraft; anti-theft devices; theft alarms for vehicles; bicycles, golf carts; wheelchairs; air pumps; motorcycles; aftermarket parts and accessories for the aforesaid goods”

This Opens An Entirely New World For The Tech Giant!

The trademark registration as reported by Bloovi opens Apple up to a wide array of new products. Of course, the Apple car is at the top of the list, but if this report is correct, they could be making just about everything that moves within the next several years! I wonder if we’ll be hearing hints about what the plans are at Spring forward.

We are researching the story now and will bring you more details as they become available! We have correspondents in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium checking into the validity of Bloovi’s claims. We have also contacted Apple directly and are awaiting a response. 

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