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Apple Spring Forward EventNo matter what investing news blog, paper, or magazine you read, they all seem to be headlining the same story at the moment. That story is Apple (AAPL) Spring forward. The Spring forward event is set to take place less than a week from today on Monday March 9th, and has been stirring up quite the discussion among investors. Wit that said, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading, and everyone seems to know what to expect on Monday; which is a bit baffling to me considering that the event details are pretty much being kept secret. Nonetheless, speculation is fun, and it’s running rampant right now with regard to this event. Here are a few things that I expect to see at the event…

Apple (AAPL) Watch Will Make A Spring Forward Appearance

If the Apple (AAPL) watch wasn’t part of the plan for Spring forward, I’d be absolutely baffled. Not only is the event right in line with the time frame Apple (AAPL) gave for releasing the product, it seems to be all Tim Cook is talking about. Below are a few nifty tricks that Tim Cook has confirmed the Apple (AAPL) watch will be able to do as well as a few other features that are all speculation to this point.

What We Already Know For Sure

Tim Cook has spent quite a bit of time recently talking about what the Apple (AAPL) watch will be able to do. The features he has mentioned include…

What Speculation Tells Us Could Be Coming

Aside from what we already know about the watch, there has been a ton of speculation regarding it’s features. Here’s what some think the watch could be able to do…

  • Replace Apple (AAPL) TV Remote – Many outlets have started talking about the relationship between the Apple (AAPL) watch and Apple (AAPL) TV; stating that the watch will most likely replace the remote.
  • Replace Your Wallet – Apple (AAPL) Pay has been a big topic of discussion recently. Knowing that the company likes to make their products work best with their other products, chances are that the Apple (AAPL) watch will be able to be used as your wallet through Apple (AAPL) Pay.
  • Health & Fitness – According to the Wall Street Journal, the Apple (AAPL) watch will be a big player in the health and fitness world as it should be able to provide stats to users who are concerned about their health.

Product Updates

Aside from the Apple (AAPL) watch, which seems to be taking center stage at the event, there are rumors flying around that updates will be made to other apple products including…

  • Apple (AAPL) TV – Apple (AAPL) TV has been due for a bit of an upgrade. The bottom line is that it’s not a very popular product quite yet. I’d imagine we’d see Apple (AAPL) try and change this at Spring forward.
  • MacBook Air – Rumors have been flying around that the MacBook Air will be equipped with a larger, Retina ready screen.
  • iPad Pro – The iPad Pro has been rumored to get a new screen as well.

Is A Car Possible?

When I first read all of the posts talking about Apple (AAPL) wanting to make a car, I thought the writers were crazy. However, new information has surfaced stating that Apple (AAPL) filed a request in Switzerland to place it’s logo on cars and other machines used for transportation. So, I’m not so sure that an Apple (AAPL) car isn’t coming. While chances are that Apple (AAPL) is still in the R&D phase of the car project, I would expect Tim Cook to talk about the possibility of an the company building a car in the near future.

What Are You Expecting?

Are you expecting to see something that hasn’t already been mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!

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