Apple (AAPL) Stock May Get A Boost On September 9th

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)

Every year, there’s a big day for Apple in or around September. It’s at this time that the company holds a conference with a goal of unveiling its most recent innovations in the tech industry. This year, that event falls on September 9th and, if done properly, it could be a major push for Apple’s stock. Today, we’ll talk about what investors are expecting to see at the event as well as what could happen that would send Apple’s stock climbing. So, let’s get right to it…

What To Expect From Apple’s Event

First off, Apple investors aren’t expecting much. As mentioned by Maynard Um, an analyst at Wells Fargo, even bullish investors in Apple have relatively low expectations for the event. Nonetheless, here is a list of the updates Apple investors seem to be expecting…

  • iPhone 6s – When it comes to the iPhone, Apple has consistently provided updates every year. On even years, Apple releases new versions of the phone. On odd years, Apple tends to make minor upgrades and add an s to the phone’s name. Therefore, investors are expecting to see a slight upgrade to the iPhone 6 in the new iPhone 6s. The update is expected to be a Force Touch pressure sensitive screen. There may also be a rose gold color option and a stronger aluminum shell. However, as mentioned above, investors really aren’t expecting to see much.
  • Apple TV – There have also been quite a few rumors about the Apple TV as of late. For quite a while now, investors have been awaiting the release of a new set-top box from the company and many are expecting that release to happen on Wednesday. The new set-top box will likely include Siri controls – ultimately allowing users to control television, music and games with voice commands rather than a remote control or iPhone.
  • Ipad Pro – Finally, the company Is also expected to unveil what many are calling a professional-level iPad. With the enterprise technology industry growing so rapidly, it only makes sense that Apple would take advantage of the trend. The new tablet would likely have a 12.9 inch screen, ultra high-resolution display, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and a stylus. Some are even expecting to see a USB port.

As far as rumors and expectations go, that’s about it. It’s a quiet year for Apple’s biggest event.

What Apple Could Do That Would Send The Stock Up

Because there isn’t much expected from the September 9th event, Apple has a real opportunity here. If the company does unveil a new product, or an incredible update to an old product that investors simply weren’t expecting, we can expect to see massive gains on the stock. The bottom line is that when investors aren’t expecting much, it’s not hard to produce above their expectations and push a stock up. That’s exactly what I’d like to see on Wednesday, but only time will tell what happens.

What Do You Think?

What are you expecting to see from Apple’s September 9th event and how do you expect the stock to react? Let us know in the comments below!

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