Apple Stocks Rise | Investors Expect Watch On March 9th


Apple Spring ForwardApple announced Thursday that it would be holding a press event on March 9th. While there haven’t been much details released about what to expect in the press release; investors are anticipating the unveiling of the first wearable product from the company, the Apple watch. Today, we’ll talk about whether or not the Apple watch is likely to be unveiled as well as what other products may be getting an upgrade. We’ll also take a look at how the company’s stock is reacting to the news of the event many media outlets are now calling Spring forward.

Why Investors Are Expecting The Apple Watch

While Apple generally keeps new products a secret until they are unveiled, it seems like the shock and awe tactics they used to use are now a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, an Apple watch is actually old news! The company announced last year that the watch should be released in April of this year. So, the time frame lines up almost perfectly. As the company normally does, they’ll build excitement through a press event; driving pre-orders. Then, a month or so later, the product becomes available and sells out everywhere. Sound familiar? With all of that said, if you’re one of the investors speculating that the watch will be coming on March, 9th, I think you’re right! While Apple has been fairly vague about what they will be announcing; most seem to think it will be all about battery life, comfort, and undisclosed watch features.

What Other Products Might Be Unveiled

When Apple holds a press conference, they very rarely focus on a single product. Even the iPhone doesn’t get that much attention; so, I wouldn’t imagine that the watch will. With that said, there is already speculation around other things we may or may not see in the “Spring forward” event. Here’s what people seem to be talking about

  • MacBook Air – Some experts that follow Apple closely are expecting to see at least a few minor changes to the MacBook Air. While the product is a great product, speculation surrounding the MacBook Air getting a bit of an update started to circulate early this year; so, if it’s going to happen, March 9th would be the time.
  • iPad Pro – Investors and consumers alike have been awaiting the unveiling of the new iPad Pro. The new Apple tablet with a 12.9” screen is expected to make waves; increasing the market share Apple holds in the tablet space.
  • More – There are several other Apple products that I’d like to see updated. One of the big ones is Apple TV. However, because Apple tends to be incredibly secretive about what to expect from these events, any product expectations at this point are all speculation.

What We Saw In Apple Stocks Today

Apple started the day on a relatively bad downtrend following the news of Google enterprise tools and the verdict against Apple for patent infringement on iTunes software. By 10:10, the stock had fallen from its previous close at $128.79 to $126.84 per share. However, as news of the Spring forward event started to hit mainstream media, we started to see incredible increases in the value of Apple stocks. For the rest of the day, the stock held a strong uptrend, closing above $130.41 per share; up 1.26%.

Do You Think Apple Stocks Will Continue To Rise In Value?

Let me know what you think and why in the comments below.

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