Apple Watch | Will Spring Forward Be A Smash Hit?


Apple Watch Spring Forward EventYesterday, Apple (AAPL) announced that there would be an event called Spring forward on March 9th. Since the announcement, the media has gone wild talking about what we’re likely to see at the Spring forward event. Of course, the main story is what Tim Cook says the apple watch is going to be able to do…you know, tell time, hold a battery charge for 24 hours, the type of things Apple (AAPL) product consumers care about. So, today, we’ll discuss what the Apple (AAPL) watch might be willing to do, why I think initial sales will be a hit, but beyond that the Apple (AAPL) watch is a struggling product, and we’ll talk about how the stock market is likely to react on March 9th.

What We’re Likely To See At The Spring Forward Event

We all know that Apple (AAPL) doesn’t hold these events to tell us bad news. This one follows the same basic protocol as just about all of their other product featuring events. Major media outlets get an email letting them know that they’re invited to an invite only event…check! Then, on the day of the event, Apple’s Tim Cook will show off features of a gadget we already knew about (In this case the Apple Watch) or he’ll show off something brand new (unlikely in this case). Here’s what most are expecting…

Why I Don’t Think The Apple Watch Will Succeed

Let’s face it, the world of smart watches is flat out ridiculous. Why would you need a watch the size of a cell phone when you can see the time, search the web, talk to friends, and do anything you’d do on a computer on your cell phone these days. The idea of paying several hundred to several thousand dollars for a watch that can’t hold battery life longer than a day is ridiculous in and of itself. While I’m sure that Apple (AAPL) junkies will eat the watch up in the beginning, I think that at some point reality will set in and popularity of the smart watch, made by Apple (AAPL) or a competitor, will dwindle.

How Apple (AAPL) Stocks Are Likely To React To The Event

As with any major event Apple (AAPL) has, we can expect that before, during, and shortly following the Spring Forward event, Apple (AAPL) stocks will rise in value. So, set your clocks traders; it will be time to capitalize on the uptrends!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you looking for anything in the Spring forward event? How do you think stocks will react? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. That apple watch looks so awesome! But, I myself would not buy one because I am an android user and the price could reach approximately $400 for just a simple watch. Lastly, Apple seems to have missed a window with the holiday sales, which is I think its biggest chance to show the watch category was well worth investing in.


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