Are the Pot Stocks Bottoming Out? Gearing Up For a Potential Big Run?


ERBB logoThe Marijuana Sector has been undergoing and experiencing unprecedented change recently. The entire industry is experiencing a massive movement followed by support that is pushing towards full blown legalization. It is not a question that widespread support for the drug is rampant. And as we discussed on our blog at StockMarketMonitors.Com, support for Marijuana comes from all angles. Many scared investors are trying to dismiss the marijuana investment argument by claiming big government simply won’t allow it. But the truth of the matter is — that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s happening all around us. And at a very fast pace. New legislation is passed in what feels like another state everyday. More Senator support. Bi-partisian support. Support from the elderly. Support from the young. Support from all classes and races. Heck, our own President of the United States is backing the support of Marijuana and pushing for a declassification of its drug scheduling from “Schedule 1” to a reduced “Schedule 2” — a step that would historically end the prohibition of marijuana. A step that, historically speaking, would change the face of Marijuana forever. Everyday in a different state something else is being heard. Famous world-recognized Neurosurgeons publicly support the legalization of marijuana such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta who produced a series of three “Weed” segments and recently aired “Weed 3″ which currently ran on television on CNN. You can watch it online here Weed 3 (full episode on YouTube). And recently, we’ve been seeing major reactions and what appears to be a heating up in the sector — big time.

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DiamondEye StockPicker and MarijuanaHempStocks.Com have recently published releases calling for not only big gains in the Pot Stock Penny World, but spotting specific stocks displaying massive upside potential. HEMP and ERBB for instance, are two stocks that have kicked into gear in Friday’s session alone, both up near or above the +20% mark. DiamondEye let out a release warning investors of a technical +51% upward shift in ERBB‘s stock after the stock had just tagged .0057 cents. The stock, so far, has rebounded back to .0074 and closed off Friday’s session very strongly at .0073, a +28.07% return thus far. THCZ has been another Marijuana mover that has displayed relentless upward surges, tagging a 52-week high of .32 cents a few weeks back and now just recently charging back up to those levels only to tempt busting though creating even higher highs. CNAB is another Pot Stock that we’ve seen simply over the past five trading sessions run from .50 cents a share to up over $1.10 a share, more than doubling investor’s money. IGRW, VRCICBIS, and ENZN have been additional stocks investors have been keeping their eyes on closely. Many other Pot/Hemp stocks are in play and if investors/traders are looking for a Full List of Pot Stocks just click the link.

Stock Market MonitorsDiamondEye StockPicker, and MarijuanaHempStocks.Com have all warned and continue to warn investors about the sudden surge and historical boom that can occur and likely will occur as we approach the new US Presidential election where Marijuana Legalization will be the Hot Topic to watch. No doubt we are beginning to see early investors take their positions at these low levels to ensure their gains leaving others chasing the stock. We’ve witnessed this Pot Stock sector rally several times. And trust us when we say — it’s no fun chasing these things up towards sky high levels where investors have no idea when the buying will stop. Many analysts, such as DiamondEye, are calling for dollar price targets and assessing “Overweight Buy” ratings to stocks like ERBB and HEMP.

DiamondEye StockPicker and Stock Market Monitors use sophisticated analytics to accurately predict the price movement of stocks. DiamondEye is quickly becoming Widely Recognized as one the of the World’s Leading Cannabis Penny Stock Analysts given his Proven Track Record.


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