Ascent Solar (ASTI) Stock: Should You Buy The Discount?


Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTI)

Ascent Solar has been an incredibly fun stock to watch since the beginning of December. We’ve seen incredible ups, big falls, and just about everything in between. At the moment, ASTI is trading relatively low, and that means that there’s a possible discount available! But should you take advantage of the discount or let it be? Today, we’ll talk about why we’ve seen ups, why we’ve seen downs, and what we can expect to see moving forward. So, let’s get right to it…

Factors That Have Pushed ASTI Up Lately

When it comes to Ascent Solar, there have been two primary factors that have caused upward movement on the stock as of late. Here they are:

  • GSA Schedule 56 Contract – In December, it was announced that ASTI had been granted the GSA Schedule 56 contract. This government contract is incredibly big news because it opens the door to a new and large revenue stream that was previously untapped by Ascent Solar. Under the GSA Schedule 56 contract, government agencies, including all branches of the United States Armed Forces, US Forest Services, and others can now easily purchase products made by ASTI. This is great news because there are several indications for Ascent Solar’s products in a government setting.
  • Patents – While the GSA Schedule 56 contract is great news, it’s not the only bit of positivity we’ve seen from ASTI as of late. In fact, in the month of December, Ascent Solar was granted two United States patents for the manufacturing of their lightweight solar systems. These patents ensure that competition will be kept at a minimum in the space.

What Has Caused ASTI To Decline As Of Late

While we have seen incredible gains on the stock, we’ve also seen relatively steep declines. However, the declines we’ve seen, in my opinion, are nothing to be concerned with. The reality is that if you look at the news that has come from ASTI over the past couple of months, you’re not going to come across anything bad. The simple fact is that the company is making all the right moves and working its way in the right direction. With that said, the steep declines that we’ve seen are the result of overall market movement. On the first day of the open market this year, China’s stock market crashed, leading to drastic declines in global markets. Unfortunately, ASTI proved not to be immune to the effects of the crash. This led to declines. Also, stories associated with the recent Federal Reserve rate hike, oil crisis, and more that have led to downward movement in the market as a whole have led to less than positive movement from ASTI. This has brought the stock down to a decent discount.

So, Should You Take Advantage Of The Discount

Because I know nothing about your goals and your personal portfolio, I can’t say on a person-by-person basis how you should invest. However, in general, it’s well worth looking into ASTI for profits. The reality is that when it comes to company specific news, we’ve seen nothing but positivity. The declines that we’ve seen recently have been the result of market-wide issue, and they’ve brought ASTI down to an incredible price. If I were looking for a place to invest, I know that I’d be taking a close look at ASTI.

What Do You Think?

Where do you think ASTI is headed moving forward? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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