Ascent Solar Tech (ASTI) Stock: Solid Gains To Come!


Ascent Solar Tech (NASDAQ: ASTI)

Ascent Solar had an incredible time in the market recently after announcing a new contract. However, since then, it seems as though investors have gotten cold feet as the stock has traded with a mix of downward and flat movement. However, I believe that this stock has solid gains to come. Today, we’ll talk about the recent contract and when we can expect ASTI to post solid gains.

The Contract That Sent ASTI Soaring

ASTI was recently granted the GSA Schedule 56 contract from the United States Federal Government. This contract is incredibly important because it opens a wide target audience for the company’s products. In fact, under this contract, it becomes incredibly easy for all branches of the United States Military, Federal Agencies, and other customers to order ASTI products. This will surely lead to an increase in sales. Rafael Gutierrez, SVP and COO at Ascent Solar, had the following to say in a recent announcement surrounding the contract:

Ascent’s GSA Schedule 56 contract unlocks a large and previously untapped potential revenue opportunity. The Military applications for Ascent’s lightweight and durable solar products are numerous, particularly considering the MilPak platform, but there are a multitude of other applications for Ascent’s products ranging from disaster relief to use by the US Forest Services…”

Why This Contract Is So Important

The Schedule 56 contract isn’t just a contract. It opens very large doors for very large sales. Think about it, how many indications do you think the United States Armed Services would have for ASTI products? The lightweight solar technologies can be used on the field in several ways. Outside of the US military, there are several Federal Agencies, including law enforcement, forest services, and others, that have a need for this type of technology. However, before the granting of the GSA Schedule 56 contract to ASTI, it would have been like jumping through hoops of fire for these governmental entities to order these products. Now, this process becomes easy and sales are not far off.

When Will ASTI See The Gains It Deserves?

This is an interesting question. You see, when news first breaks, we tend to see overwhelmingly positive movement in the market as a result. However, once that news has come and passed, it’s business as usual and investors want to see solid data from the company itself. Unfortunately for ASTI, it’s most recent earnings report wasn’t very positive, and I believe that this is the factor that is weighing on the stock at the moment. Nonetheless, earnings reports are a quarterly event, and I believe that the next earnings report is likely to be stellar. On this earnings report, we’re likely to see a boost in revenue and earnings as a result of the new contract. In return, ASTI investors are likely to become excited, making the next earnings release a positive catalyst for the stock.

All in all, I have incredibly high hopes and bullish expectations with regard to what we can expect to see from ASTI in the future. The only question now is: Is ASTI in your portfolio? If not, you may want to consider getting in before the gains pass you by!

What Do You Think?

Where do you think ASTI is headed and why? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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