The Best Ways To Increase Home Value With Less Than $5000 (From 24 Experts)


When 24 experts were asked about the most financially efficient way to increase your home value, the answers were extremely practical and applicable.

Many of the experts said similar things. That was expected since they’re in the same market and they are all…experts.

The main two topics seemed to be the kitchen and painting.

Kitchen remodeling can be expensive. If you really want to save some money, you must be intentional and picky about the projects you choose to tackle.

If you’re wanting to get out for less than $5,000, you have to prioritize.

It’s All About Appearance

I remember when my wife and I first started looking at homes. We would walk through the home and decide that we didn’t like it, but when we looked back at the reasons, they were so minute. I don’t know what we were thinking.

Once we started overlooking the small stuff, we were able to find a nice home for a good price that we could “fix-up” and then ended up renting out.

Some of the things we noticed before we stopped being so picky were things like:

  • Painting issues (chips, cracks, ugly colors, etc.)
  • Cheap broken items (light switches, base boards, etc.)
  • Uncleanliness (dirty floors, walls, etc.)

You get the idea. Now let’s flip that around as the seller. You want to avoid all of those ridiculously small things that are easy to fix. That’s the first step. Clean up the house, apply a fresh coat of paint and maximize the curb appeal.

Now let’s see exactly what the experts have to say in this infographic:

Infographic by Costal Group Real Estate. More on Mortgage & Home.
Photo Credit: Adelie


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