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Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC)

If you follow my articles, you know that Biocept is one of my favorite stocks to follow. Not only is the stock known for heavy price movements (abundant opportunities for profit), the company is leading the way in innovation in the diagnostics industry. With that being said, I’ve been watching the stock pretty closely recently; and I think we’re headed for more breakout activity. Below, we’ll talk about the upcoming breakout as well as why we can expect to see growth in the long term.

A Breakout Is Coming!

BIOC Stock ChartThe stock chart to the left shows what’ I’m talking about. On Thursday, a clear flag started to become apparent in the BIOC stock chart. This happens when momentum goes strong in one way or another, and the market decides it needs a bit of rest. After the flag, we tend to see another breakout. As you can see, that breakout has lead to a second flag. With that said, it’s incredibly likely that we are going to see another breakout soon. The question now is, in which direction will the stock break out.

Over the past two days, it may seem as though the stock is losing support in the market; however, I don’t believe that to be the case. The reality is that the market moves in a series of up and down movements, and while we’re seeing a short term downtrend; that’s to be expected in the small-cap biotech space. Nonetheless, there are several bits of great data about BIOC out there; and when the market is ready to run again, it’s likely to run in the positive direction.

Why I Think Biocept Is A Great Long Term Stock

In the long term, you’re not going to be too concerned about price volatility; your concern is going to be long term growth. With that said, Biocept has released two very important pieces of data that tell me that the company is fundamentally sound and geared for growth. Those include…

  • Data From A Breast Cancer Diagnostics Study – Recently, Biocept released data from a study that compared the results of several blood sample biopsies to the results of traditional tissue sample biopsies. The samples were taken from women with specific types of breast cancer. The results of the two different types of biopsies were identical; proving that liquid biopsies are indeed possible.
  • New Test Added To The BIOC Portfolio – In more recent news, Biocept announced that they have added a new test to their portfolio. The test is designed to pinpoint those who are receptive to cancer cells with a special focus on identifying patients that are likely to have lung cancer in the future.

Both of these pieces of information are big news! The reality is that most people who die from cancer are victims of a late diagnosis. These tests can help to increase cancer awareness and statistics of early diagnosis; leading to higher survival rates. In the long run, that is incredibly valuable.

What Do You Think?

Where do you think BIOC is headed and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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