Biocept (BIOC) Stock Is Trending Up | More Reasons To Invest!

Biocept BIOC Stock NewsBiocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC)

Biocept is one of my favorite companies to follow in the market these days. Focusing on liquid biopsies, the company has a plan to assist in the early detection and treatment of cancer. Looking at the stock at the moment, we’ve seen a pretty impressive climb that started yesterday and has moved into today. Now, investors are asking, “Can the rise last?” Personally, I think the answer is yes. Adding to all of the reasons I’ve mentioned in the past that I think Biocept is going to climb long term, the company has filed for a patent. So today, we’ll take a look at the patent and discuss a few other reasons that I think BIOC is likely to continue on the uptrend for the long run. So, let’s get right to it…

Biocept Patent Filing

On May 26th, Biocept filed for a US patent for the use of diazolidinyl urea (DU) for anti-clumping of biological samples. Essentially, DU can be added to samples at the time of collection or can be added after collection and provides methods for preventing clumping of cells in microfluidic devices. Considering the fact that Biocept’s core focus is to aid in the treatment and early detection of cancer through blood sample biopsies; this will surely help them on their mission.

Other Reasons I’m A BIOC Bull

I have to say, I’ve been incredibly impressed with Biocept ever since I first heard of them. I find it incredible that the company has found a way to detect cancer through the use of a simple blood sample; eliminating the need for a tissue biopsy. Just consider what this could lead to with regard to cancer survival rates.

The reality is that most of the people who die from cancer only die because the cancer was detected too late. However, with cancer being able to be detected through a non-invasive biopsy of a blood sample, it’s more likely that patients will be open to a biopsy; or that doctors would make a biopsy one of the first tests at the slightest sign that cancer may be in issue. Not to mention the fact that Biocept recently added a test to their lineup that tests whether or not patients are susceptible to cancer; which could also help to lead to the early detection of cancer and higher survival rates. All in all, I’m incredibly impressed with what the company has done with their product.

However, the product is only one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to success. After all, a successful company becomes successful thanks to proper planning and a goal oriented management team. With that said, I’m also very impressed with the management at Biocept. The company has a clear goal and a plan to get from point A to point B. Arguably more importantly, they have proven recently that they are working incredibly hard to reach their goals, and are on the right tract to do so. All in all, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would be bearish on the stock.

What Do You Think?

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