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If you looked at the biotech space yesterday, you were looking at a sea of red. However, today, things are working out to be much different. There are several biotech stocks out there that are doing very well. With that said, here is a list of my top 5 biotech picks for the day. Watch these stocks for strong growth opportunities.

Opexa Therapeutics Climbs On New Hire

Opexa Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: OPXA)

Yesterday, Opexa Therapeutics sent out a press release regarding a new hire. Yesterday, the company announced that they have hired Dr. Jason Kralic, a well respected physician, to take on the role of Vice President of Business Development. The new hire obviously got investors excited as we’re seeing strong gains from the stock today. Currently (1:09), OPXA is trading at $0.55 per share after a gain of 14.16% so far today. Considering the reason for the climb, I’m not expecting to see this reverse any time soon. However, as a small cap biotech stock, this one is a bit volatile; so pull backs leading to good buying opportunities are likely just around the corner.

OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Gains On FDA Agreement

OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: OGXI)

OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals is having a great day in the market today after announcing that the US Food and Drug Administration has agreed to the company’s proposed amendment to the Phase 3 AFFINITY protocol and statistical analysis plan. Ultimately, the agreement will allow for the addition of a new co-primary end point in the study. Investors seem to be happy about the news sending the stock to its current (1:15) point of $2.82 per share after a gain of 8.46% so far today. This is another one that’s likely to climb for the long run; so keep your eyes peeled for buying opportunities.

Acura Pharmaceuticals Climbs As Short Interest Falls

Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ: ACUR)

Acura Pharmaceuticals is having a great time in the market this week after trading relatively flat for the past month or so. Recent data shows that short interest around the stock is down in a big way; falling more than 76% in May. Currently (1:30), ACUR is trading at $0.91 per share after a gain of 9.47% so far today. Considering the fact that short interest is down in a big way, I’m expecting the stock to continue climbing. So, look for pull backs and buying signs for a great opportunity here.

Anthera Pharmaceuticals Continues Gaining On Phase 2b Data

Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ANTH)

Anthera Pharmaceuticals stock is enjoying a bit of a bull run. After reporting data from its Phase 2b PEARL-SC study in Rome on June 6th, the stock started to gain solid momentum. With the reason for the climb in the stock, I’m expecting the trend to last for quite a while. So, this is another one to watch for strong buying opportunities.

BG Medicine Stock Reaches Support

BG Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGMD)

BG Medicine is also having a nice day in the market today. The stock has been the talk of the town recently as investors waited for the recent downtrends to reverse directions. Well, it seems that this week, the stock has reached support; and today, it’s on a nice climb. Currently (1:37), BGMD is trading at $0.73 per share after a gain of 1.39% so far today. While this one is incredibly volatile, I think that with the price so close to support, there is far more upward potential than downward risk. So, this may be another great opportunity in the making.

Do You Know Of Any Others

Are you watching any biotech stocks that are on a bullish run that’s worth taking advantage of? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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