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The biotech market is having a great day today. If you check out the heat map on StockTwits, you can see that most stocks in healthcare are having a great day. While some may fall back down in short order, others are likely to continue climbing. With that said, here are 4 stocks in biotech for the opportunists!

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Stock Is Up In A Continuation Of Yesterday’s Activity

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: SGYP)

Synergy Pharmaceuticals stock is continuing the climb we saw yesterday as the result of the data release from a recent study. The study showed that placenatide is not only effective in treating constipation, but also has less of a chance of diarrhea as a side effect. As a result, the stock gained more than 50% yesterday; followed by more gains today. Currently (12:29), SGYP is trading at $8.34 per share after a gain of 7.20% so far today. Considering the reason for the climb, I’m expecting this to lead to more long term gains; so, keep an eye out for pull backs as they are likely to present profitable buying opportunities.

MannKind Stock Is Having A Great Day Leading To Afrezza DTC Campaign

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

MannKind Corporation has been moving into bullish territory ever since a recent survey by Jefferies showed that 65% of endocrinologists not only know about Afrezza, but plan on using it in the future. However, I don’t think we’ve seen the half of it. The reality is that Afrezza is still in pre-launch phase; but will be moving into bigger and better things very soon. The direct-to-consumer campaign revolving around the inhaled insulin is only weeks away; and will likely lead to massive gains. So, look for low points now if you plan on making the most of the event.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Stock Climbs On Release Of Phase 2 Data

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (NASDAQ: BMRN)

BioMarin is another one that is climbing today after the release of positive data. Earlier in the morning, BMRN released data with regard to BMN 111; a treatment for children with dwarfism. The data came from a Phase 2 study into proof-of-concept and tolerability in children with dwarfism; and the results came back incredibly positive. Throughout treatment on a 15 microgram per kilogram dose, the children involved in the study showed only minor adverse events and incredibly positive results with regard to mean growth volume. As a result, BMRN stock climbed. Currently (12:33), BioMarin Pharmaceutical is trading at $139.86 per share after a gain of 13.16% so far today. This is another one that given the reason for the increase, we can expect to see long term growth. So, keep an eye out for pull-backs that present a great opportunity for growth.

ZIOPHARM Oncology Is Strong On High Volume…AGAIN!


ZIPHARM Oncology stock has had a great week in the market so far; and the gains are continuing today. The gains we’ve seen throughout the week have been the result of incredibly high volume. Over the past 3 months, the average daily volume on the stock has been 3,994,224. However, today so far, 3,358,458 shares have traded hands so far; just past the half way point. Currently (12:42), ZIOP is trading at $12.19 per share after a gain of 5.36% so far today; and is likely to keep climbing. So, if you’re not in the fray already, start looking for entrance points to realize profit!

Do You Know Of Any Others?

Do you know of any strong gainers in biotech that are likely to keep up bullish runs? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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