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Biotech News This WeekWe can expect an exciting week from BioTech. Lately, MannKind (MNKD) and Orexigen (OREX) have been stirring up quite the buzz; and there are other big stocks to watch in the space. With that said, here’s what you should be on the look out for this week…

MannKind (MNKD) Stocks| Looking For A Recovery After Last Week’s Decline

Last week, Goldman Sachs downgraded MannKind (MNKD) in a decision that was met with mixed emotions. While the bears were happy with what they saw, the bulls questioned the motives behind the downgrade and the analyst that was credited for it. After another very controversial downgrade from Goldman Sachs today; I’m starting to question the motives myself. Nonetheless, MannKind (MNKD) stocks took a big hit last week.

Outlook – I think this week will be great for MannKind (MNKD). With more questions revolving around the Goldman Sachs downgrade popping up, investors are more likely to push the price higher this week.

Ziopharm Oncology (ZIOP) Stocks | Hoping To Keep Upward Momentum Going

Ziopharm Oncology (ZIOP) had an incredible week last week, closing out at a 52 week high! Throughout the week, investors will be looking for a continuation of high trade volume and increasing prices.

Outlook – Investors seem to love Ziopharm Oncology (ZIOP) as trade volume pushes the price higher and higher. With that said, I’d expect that we would continue seeing the upward momentum throughout the week.

Genetic Technologiex (GENE) Stocks | Nowhere To Go But Up

As an investor, I generally don’t like it when someone says that a stock has nowhere to go but up or down. However, in this case, I really believe it. Last week, Genetic Technologiex (GENE) issued new shares, driving the price of their stocks down by more than 20% in a single day. This presented a great buying opportunity for those who want to get in while it’s cheap.

Outlook – As mentioned above, I rarely say this, but I think that this stock has nowhere to go, but up. With the price of the stock pushed down so far, it only makes sense that we’d see quite a bit of volume this week from those who want to get in while it’s cheap.

Orexigen (OREX) Stocks | What Will Happen Following The FDA Feud Last Week?

Last week, we saw quite a bit of movement in Orexigen (OREX) stocks. Following news that the diet pill Contrave could have hidden heart benefits, investors went crazy; ultimately driving the price of the stock up more than 15% in a single day. However, in the days following, the FDA made it clear that the test results were supposed to be confidential as they are not as reliable as they should be when used to promote a product. As a result, Orexigen (OREX) stocks started to fall toward the end of the week.

Outlook – This is one that I’m up in the air on. The movement really depends on how investors feel about whether or not the FDA is going to make an example out of Orexigen (OREX) by holding up trials for Contrave’s possible dual purpose. I guess we’ll just have to watch and see where this one goes.

Gilead Sciences (GILD) Stocks | Looking To Recover After A Bad Week

Gilead Sciences (GILD) had an incredibly bad week in the market last week. After starting the week off at $103.83 per share, the stock climbed for a couple of days before declining for the rest of the week. At the end of the week, Gilead Sciences (GILD) stock price landed at $100.32 per share. Throughout the week, several well known investors and columnists started to write posts advising investors to stay away, and it seems like that’s what we’re seeing!

Outlook – This is one stock that’s slated for a downtrend. In this case, I think I’d stick with the masses and stay away.

What Do You Think?

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