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Biotech Stock News 3.13.2015Amarin (AMRN) Stocks Continue Climbing Following Analyst Upgrades

Yesterday, Amarin (AMRN) stocks got a strong boost from an analyst upgrade. Yesterday, HC Wainwright announced that their analysts have upgraded the stock from a “Neutral” rating to a “Buy” rating. The most shocking part of the upgrade was where the analyst decided to move the target price. HC Wainwright now shows a target price of $10; insinuating massive upward growth. As a result, the stock grew by more than 20% yesterday and is up by more than 15% already today. Currently (11:46) the stock is trading at $2.76 per share; up $0.38 from yesterday’s closing price.

Outlook – When it comes to Amarin (AMRN), we’re talking about a company that’s getting a lot of love from analysts right now; and for good reason. The bottom line is that the company is incredibly strong and slated for growth. So, it only makes sense that their stock price would follow.

Cytori (CYTX) Stocks Fall On Bad Earnings Report

Yesterday, Cytori (CYTX) released their earnings report; hitting the nail on the head when it comes to expectations. The only problem is that analysts expected the company to produce a loss. In their report, the company announced that the total loss produced in the fourth quarter equated to $0.08 per share. As with any time we see losses on an earning report, the company’s stock plummeted. So far today (11:58), the stock has fallen 9.57% to $1.04 per share and looks to be continuing the downtrend for a weak end of the week.

Outlook – Any time I see negative earnings, I have to question whether or not I’ll ever see a return if I decide to invest. While I do see Cytori (CYTX) as a strong company, they’re going to have to produce earnings before I could confidently say I see positive things in their long-term outlook.

Biocept (BIOC) Stocks Are Falling Hard Following Zachs Rating

Looking at Biocept (BIOC) over the past year, it’s easy to see that the company’s stock is struggling. In the past year, the stock has fallen from over $7.30 per share to under $2.70 per share. Today, Biocept (BIOC) stocks took another major hit; falling over 9% in morning trading. Upon researching a reason for the drop, I was able to find a new Zachs rating; who currently rates the stock at “3” which in Zachs terms is a “Hold”. So, it seems like investors may be reacting to the bad rating from Zachs.

Outlook – Unfortunately, I see this one as another one that would be far too risky to pump dollars into, or even pennies for that matter! Over the past year, the stock has lost more than 60% of it’s value; which to me is a big red sign with danger written all over it!

MannKind (MNKD) Is Having A Bit Of A Rough Day In The Market

Following a recent controversial downgrade by Goldman Sachs, MannKind (MNKD) has had a rough time in the market. However, it seemed as though the stock was starting to bounce back over the past few days. Unfortunately, the company’s stock seems to have lost momentum today after Zachs issued a short-term hold rating on the company. Currently (12:42), the stock is trading at $5.46 per share after losing 2.94% compared to yesterday’s close.

Outlook – While MannKind (MNKD) investors should gear up for a bit of short term volatility, I do have faith in the company with regard to long term growth. With that said, now may be the time to start looking for lows in the stock for buying opportunities.

Acadia (ACAD) Continues Falling On Bad News

Acadia (ACAD) investors were taken by surprise earlier in the week as the CEO of the company suddenly decided to retire. Not only that, the company’s NDA for it’s Parkinson’s disease treatment was delayed due to readiness issues with regard to commercial manufacturing and distribution of the treatment. As a result, the company’s stock went on a steep decline that has continued into today. Currently (12:48), Acadia (ACAD) stocks are trading at $34.28 per share after losing 1.55% so far today.

Outlook – Unfortunately, Acadia (ACAD) stocks seem destined for losses. This is not the time to buy!

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