Bitcoin (BTC): Even Celebs Have Forgotten Crypto-Treasures!


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Bitcoin (BTC) is a hot topic, and has been for some time. Let’s face it, it’s the cryptocurrency that led to the revoluationary technological evolution we know to be the blockchain. In the beginning of Bitcoin, many purchased coins and completely forgot about them. Today, we’ll talk about a celebrity that forgot he had BTC and made millions and one of the most profitable forgotten Bitcoin stories in history.

50 Cent Discovered Forgotton Bitcoins Worth Millions

Recently, stories have started to break surrounding the famous rapper, 50 Cent, and his story surrounding his forgotten bitcoin. Here’s the story:

It all started back in 2014 when 50 Cent released the album Animal Ambition. When he released the album, 50 Cent became the first artist to agree to accept a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, as a payment. Under the terms of the agreement surrounding the album, 50 Cent was paid 700 Bitcoins.

Years passed and the rapper forgot that he even owned bitcoin. When 50 Cent found the forgotten Bitcoin, it had a value of somewhere between $7 million and $8 million. This surprising number was due to the rapid growth in the value of Bitcoin. After all, when 50 Cent signed the deal back in 2014, 1 BTC sold with a price of $662. When the rapper found the bitcoin, it was trading at approximately $11,200. In a post on Instagram, Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 Cent, wrote “Not bad for a kid from the South Side, I’m so proud of me”, later posting a post with a picture of him surrounded by Bitcoin with a caption saying “A little bit coin anyone? LOL. I know I make you sick but excuse me I’m getting to the bag.”


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