Bitcoin (BTC) Headed For Zero Says “Dr. Doom”


Bitcoin (BTC) is having yet another incredibly rough day in the market today after falling dramatically over the past month. With the recent declines that we’ve seen in the cryptocurrency, it’s no surprise that Dooms Day theorists are starting to make predictions surrounding the demise of the cryptocurrency and the rest in the space. In fact, economist Nouriel Roubini says that the price of Bitcoin is going to dive to zero, but is he right? Today, we’ll talk about what Roubini had to offer, what we’re seeing from BTC as of late, and what you should be watching for ahead.

Dr. Doom Says BTC Is Going To Dive To Zero

As mentioned above, Nouriel Roubini believes that Bitcoin is going to dive to zero. For those of you who haven’t followed Roubini in the past, he is the chairman of Roubini Macro Associates and has earned the nickname “Dr Doom” for his pessimistic outlooks on economic conditions. Now, his pessimism has moved to the cryptocurrency space with harsh attacks on Bitcoin. In recent comments on Twitter, Roubini had the following to offer:

Bitcoin crashing now to $6,100. And the US Hearing on cryptoscams is only a day away. So a $5k handle looks highly likely unless the crypto-manipulation gangs start pumping and dumping or wash trading again. So HODL nuts: be ready for a 75% loss from recent peaks.

As expected Bitcoin now crashes below $6,000. Now the $5K handle is reached. And the US Congressional Hearing on Crypto-scams is still a day away. HODL nuts will hold their melting Bitcoins all the way down to ZERO while scammers and whales dump and run...

What’s Really Going On With Bitcoin?

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