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As you probably already know by now, most days, I get a start by reading other personal finance blogs. I really get a kick out of reading the fun, touching, inspiring, amazing, sad, and every other emotion you can think of stories across this amazing network of personal finance blogs. Recently, I came across a post by Wendy at Girl Meets Debt explaining why she’s a blogger. Sure enough, in my reading today, I came across a post on Financially Blond where Shannon explained why she blogs. Of course, Shannon was inspired by Wendy, but now, I’m inspired by them both. So, I figured I’d share with the CNA Finance community why our little corner of the internet even exists. Here goes nothing.

Why I Blogged In The Beginning – Money

I have to be honest here, I think the community deserves it. When I first started CNA Finance, I had one goal in mind and that goal was to make money. I had made money with other web properties in the past and figured I’d add another passive income stream. The only difference is this time, that income stream would be a blog. So, the real reason CNA Finance is even here today is because I wanted another income stream!

Why I Blog Now

If you’re a blogger, you know that blogging income doesn’t happen over night. I quickly realized that in the beginning phases of this blog. As a matter of fact, the lack of traffic, lack of page views, and ultimately the lack of advertising income int he beginning almost drove me to quit a few times, but for some reason, I decided to hold on. Wow, I’m glad I did. These days, money is still a part of why I blog, and thankfully, I’m finally making some. However, there are so many other reasons! Here are the ones on the top of the list…

People Like Katie A – This one actually happened very recently. Late last week, I opened my email and saw an email from someone I’d never heard from or of in the past. Her name is Katie A. In her email, she explained to me that she was a big fan of two pieces I’ve written. One that I wrote for Penny Pinchin’ Mom, and one that I wrote for CNA Finance.

She went on to explain that she was considering starting a blog about a topic that I will keep private…because it’s awesome and few people have tapped into her specific corner of personal finance. Anyway, she asked me what I thought of her topic ideas and how I thought readers might take the information she planned on sharing.

Then, she explained that she would like her first ever blog post to be on CNA(It will be debuting a week from Monday!). I know it sounds a little mushy, but come on…that feels great. I am going to debut a great new addition to the personal finance community. Since then we’ve chatted back and fourth and to say the least, she’s made me feel great about what I do here. All of that being said, thank you Katie, I hope I’m as much as an inspiration for you as you are for me, and I hope that the tips I give to help make your new blog thrive!

People Like Anne – About a year ago, I got a real tear jerking email. It was from a lady named Anne who has tried and tried and tried to get out of debt, but couldn’t seem to find a good plan. Then she came across a post on CNA Finance about financial hardship programs. She said she had never heard about these types of programs until she came across my blog.

Anne went into this long personal story about how incredibly hard her struggle was. At one point, she gave up her pets because she couldn’t afford to feed them. Toward the end of my email, she explained that on her more than 50k in credit card debt, financial hardship programs brought her minimum payments down by more than $800 a month! Wow, what a success story! Anne, if you’re still watching my blog, thanks for sharing, you and people like you are the reason I still blog!

People Like You! – Until I became part of the personal finance blog community, I had no idea what a tight knit community it actually was. People like Laurie, Grayson, and Jeremy make the PF blogging community a fun thing to be a part of. I can’t tell you how many tips I’ve gotten from Jeremy that have helped me to succeed. Laurie has always been friendly, and Grayson published one of my first guest posts! It wasn’t until I became part of this community that I knew how much everyone actually cared about each other’s success. So, a big thank you to everyone in the PF blog community that’s making it what it is today!

Freedom – I remember working a day job, and quite frankly…it sucked! I didn’t get paid nearly what I was worth and I was working more hours than I was sleeping! These days, my blog income has allowed me to build an entire business. Income from that business has allowed me to work from home. Now, I get paid what I’m worth. I may work just as much, but I choose when and where I work. If I want to work Saturday night on the beach, so be it! Ana and I have had so much more quality time since I’ve started blogging and it’s great. If you haven’t heard yet, I love that woman and I fall in love with her over and over again every day! My blog is one of the reasons we’ve got such a fulfilling relationship. Then again, she’s one of the reasons I’ve got a successful blog!

Now you know why I’m a blogger, why do you do it? If you’re not a blogger, have you ever considered starting one?


  1. Love this, Joshua!!! I too was really surprised when I started blogging at what a close-knit, supportive community this is. I’ve formed so many valuable friendships through the blogging world, and it’s an absolute joy to help others in the process of staying motivated to pay down our own debt. Blogging rocks! Have an awesome day, my friend. 🙂

    • Hey Daisy, lasting friendships were the last thing I thought I’d get from my blog…boy was I wrong! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey Joshua and thanks for an awesome post!!

    It’s funny how you started out as a means to make some cash and ended up being of service to your readers…while still making some money!

    Those emails you received prove the depth of your words in helping those who need it. Simply wonderful Joshua! it’s a great feeling 🙂

    Thanks again and take care. All the best.


  3. Great post! I love this trend going. I just may do one of these. I started blogging for money as well and realized that I loved writing and the community for than I cared about the money. I have already made some friends, like you and J.Money. It’s such an awesome community!

  4. Readers really do make blogging worth it. Knowing that you are able to reach so many people is awesome, and it’s great that you inspired two people! It is really cool that you’re going to be debuting a new blogger as well. I started my blog mainly to be a part of this close knit community, and to help people.

    • EM, thanks for the kind words! This community is awesome, and I really do love those emails. Glad you’re part of the blogosphere!

  5. Some people say you should start blogging out of passion, but I disagree. If you start blogging because of money, why not? If you’re good at it you’ll benefit many people like what you did to your readers and if you’re not or if you don’t actually like blogging, you’ll stop doing it eventually anyway.

    • I’d have to agree there, but if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing about, it may be like riding a bike through the sand. Thanks for swinging by!

  6. All great reasons to blog. I have so many reasons, right now it’s just getting more involved with my finances and my plans, sharing stories with others, thanks for sharing yours.

    • Hey Even Steven, thanks for swinging by, and my pleasure for sharing my story. I’ve been having a lot of fun on your blog, you’re doing great things over there and I can’t wait to publish your guest post on Monday!

  7. Great advice. At some point, I am going to monetize my blog too, and see what happens.

    There are a lot of people out there interested in landlord topic, especially tenant topics, and it is a subject that can make a lot of money for people. IF they do it right.

  8. Thanks a ton, Joshua! You’ve offered me a ton of inspiration and truly valuable insights. While I’m not a blogger quite yet, I hope to help others through it – that’s the whole purpose behind my decision to start brainstorming blog ideas and reaching out to you in the first place. I figured you’re a successful blogger – why not reach out? I was certainly surprised to get a positive response from you and here I am! Moving forward 🙂 The bottom line of why I’d like to start blogging is: I hope my ideas will help others!

    • Kelly, thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad I was able to inspire! I’m sure you’ll be able to help others, the ideas you have are incredible and there’s not much competition in the niche you’re about to attack. I hope that I can help you join the team of successful bloggers! Thanks for swinging by!

  9. I love the whole PF community and hold myself to a higher standard by being involved with it. I used to read blog posts when I was struggling with debt and they helped inspire me and realize it was possible to change. I can only hope I might inspire someone like that at some point as well.

    • Kim, I’m sure you have. As a matter of fact, your blog has been an inspiration to me for quite some time now!

  10. I love all the Why I blog posts! I’m a big fan of pf blogs and loved reading them even before I started a blog. But like you, I’ll be honest and say that I started the blog thinking I can get some income from it. Well, I still haven’t learned how to monetize but I have found a wonderful pf community which I have learned so much from. Thanks for sharing your story and it’s great that you are inspiring and helping people. Can’t wait to read Katie’s post.

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for swinging by. This community is definitely a strong one! As far as monetization, I’d love to give you a few pointers if you like them. One of the main things to consider is that you don’t blog to make Money! The majority of my income comes from freelance work, not the blog! However, it’s the blog that gets me the freelance work. It’s pretty interesting how all that works! Anyway, thanks for swinging by! Shoot me an email…we’ll talk soon!


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