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When I created CNA Finance, I decided that I would talk about upcoming catalysts, notable movements, and alpha opportunities in the market…that’s where CNA came from. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write a post every day that points out an upcoming catalyst, a stock with notable movements, and an alpha opportunity in the market. Today, that starts. So, without further ado, here’s the CNA stocks of the day…

Catalyst: MannKind Stock Will Climb On Direct-to-Consumer Campaign

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

MannKind Corporation stock has been the topic of quite the debate recently. The debate revolves around Afrezza; an inhaled insulin the company created using their proprietary technosphere technology. However, Afrezza hasn’t sold so well. Nonetheless, the reason for the low sales is the fact that the drug hasn’t actually launched yet…it’s currently in pre-launch phase. However, that’s changing soon, and when it does, it will prove to be a big catalyst for the stock. Within weeks, Afrezza will move into the Direct-to-Consumer campaign; a campaign that I believe will show the true value of the inhaled insulin and cause MNKD to climb dramatically. So, keep your eyes on this stock as it’s likely to climb very soon.

Notable Movement: Synergy Pharmaceuticals Stock Edges Back Up

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: SGYP)

Synergy Pharmaceuticals stock enjoyed a nice climb last week as plecanatide Phase 3 data was released; showing that the drug is not only effective in treating those with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, but it has less of a chance of causing diarrhea than the current leader in the market. However, this week hasn’t been so great for the stock. On both Monday and Tuesday, we watched as SGYP saw bearish activity in the market. However, today, that is changing as the stock breaks out. Synergy Pharmaceuticals reversed directions gaining more than 6% in early trading today. While we’re seeing a bit of a pull back at the moment, I’m expecting to see more strong growth in both the short term and long term outlooks. So, this is one that you’ll want to keep a close eye on as it will likely lead to more opportunities down the road.

Alpha Opportunity: Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Stock Climbs On Top-Line Data Release

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPRX)

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners stock is up today following the announcement of top-line results in an open-label, proof-of-concept trial looking into CPP-109; an experimental drug used to treat patients with Tourette’s Disorder that were refractory to all other previous treatments. The data from the study showed that patients saw a 25% reductions in tics, but did not see subjective clinical improvement. Upon the release of the data, Patrick J. McEnany, CEO of CPRX had the following to say…

We see these data as promising dispite the small number of subjects, single center, open-label design trial….These top-line results demonstrate an encouraging signal of activity in adult treatment-refractory patients with Tourette’s Disorder. We believe that CPP-109’s mechanism of action validates the potential for CPP-115 to be a candidate for the treatment of Tourette’s Disorder. We are evaluating our options and will be meeting with the Co-Principal Investigators of the trial, as well as other key opinion leaders, to determine the next steps in development.”

All in all, the positive data from the study pushed the stock up; and the gains are likely to continue. So, keep an eye out for pull-backs and buying opportunities!

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