Career Lessons From Your Favourite Festive Films


Great career advice can be found in the unlikeliest of places, such as your favourite Christmas films from Hollywood. Christmastime, after all, provides us with moments of reflection about our lives, relationships and careers. Watch these ten holiday movies again and find that, indeed, these have themes and characters that provide effective career advice, even life advice.

#1 The Grinch

Rejections are par for the course in the job market, even when already employed (e.g., promotions). But instead of being discouraged by yet another rejection letter, just keep applying for jobs or keeping faith in your career because you will eventually find your niche – and be successful at it, too.

#2 Scrooge

Maintaining good personal relationships in a professional setting, such as your office, is a must for career success. Keep in mind that your ability to get along well with everybody will not only contribute to a healthy working environment but to your professional advancement, too.

#3 The Santa Clause

Too much work and too much play are both toxic for your personal and professional lives. You must strive to maintain a good work-life balance for your own good, not to mention that life is not all about work – even Santa Claus takes a break.

#4 Miracle of 34th Street

Miracles do happen! Of course, you must have both strong faith in yourself and hard work on your part, perhaps a little luck brought by the right people, on your side to achieve a great career. One without the other can prove disadvantageous.

#5 Elf

When you believe that you are in the wrong job, perhaps even the wrong profession or career, then you should leave and find your true calling. Buddy did when he found out his humanness and he found love, respect and acceptance in life.

#6 Home Alone

Kevin was home alone and he had to face two thieves planning to rob his family of their valuables. Instead of cowering in fear, he became a resourceful boy able to fend off the thieves – and so should you be just as resourceful in finding the best job for your case.

#7 It’s A Wonderful Life

Stop being so hard on yourself especially where your career is concerned! It may be humble now but claim it for yourself, be proud of it, and work toward making it better instead of always comparing it to others.

#8 Love Actually

In any job, always respect the abilities and capabilities of your colleagues. Underestimating them can be to your detriment sooner or later.

#9 The Holiday

Go on a holiday at least once a year, even when it means just staying at home and relaxing. Your mind and body will be rejuvenated and refreshed for it.

#10 Groundhog

Day Every day is an opportunity for a transformation – or at least, to become a better version of yourself.

Indeed, when you have guts and grit applied to your career, you will eventually be a success. You should also have a mentor – or mentors, for that matter – like the team of specialists at Morgan Hunt who work with their clients and candidates in effective job-person matching. Contact us now at 0207 419 8911 now.

Photo Credit: Francis Bijl


  1. The Santa Clause is my all-time favorite Christmas film. I completely agree that we need a break. Enjoying this break enables us to plan more and do so much more, once we’re back to working. I love the other career lessons from other films. Gonna check out some of them. Merry Christmas!


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