How to Sell Your Car if it Doesn’t Run

Sell a car that doesn't run

“​Trade-In Value”​ – What a car dealership claims your car is worth when they are buying it, which seems to usually be around $50. OK, so maybe I made the definition up and exaggerated a little bit, but you know what I mean. We all know that a car dealership isn’t going to give you … Read more

5 Ways to Become Financially Independent

Financial Independence

If you’re like most Americans and swimming in debt, becoming financially independent can seem overwhelming or unreachable. Many individuals who want to start working their way out of the debt hole say they simply can’t afford to make the changes necessary to begin investing in their future when really, they just don’t know where to … Read more

How to Get Started Flipping Houses With Little Money for a Fix-Up

Do you know the biggest reason house flipping projects fail to generate revenue for investors? It’s underestimating costs—a common topic in many books on flipping houses. So, how do you renovate if your house flipping project is already hanging on a shoestring budget? Go Minimal If you are strapped for money for your fix and … Read more

Top 5 Tips Managing Money in Marriage

Managing Money

Managing your own money can be challenging. Adding a partner to the mix can take that challenge to the next level. I love marriage. But we’ve had periods that were difficult in how we handled money. And when money conversations become contentious, this can lead to more significant problems between you and your partner. And … Read more

Why you shouldn’t worry about a recession

Recessions have always been around, and are normal part of the overall economic cycle. What must go up must come down. There will be times of economic expansion and then times of economic slowdown. The news today is full of stories of the impending financial crisis and recession. Whether it’s on the actual news on … Read more