4 Surprising Credit Score Myths

Credit Sore Surprise

Your personal credit score is critically important for accessing credit at favorable terms.  Your credit score directly impacts your ability to finance a car or a mortgage as well as what interest rate you receive.  However many people don’t fully understand how their credit score is calculated and how they can positively impact their credit … Read more

6 Easy Home Improvements to Help Sell Your House

Selling A House

Being a smart homeowner involves effective money management, and knowing which home improvement projects will make an impact on the value of your home. Whether you are looking to sell your home, or simply want to maintain its value, home upkeep is important to maintaining your financial investment. While major projects like renovating a kitchen, … Read more

25 Inspiring Quotes About Giving for This Holiday Season

Inspiring Giving Quotes

Giving is an important part of life…at least, it should be. It doesn’t matter your beliefs or your religion, giving is crucial to having healthy finances. Give and you shall receive is most definitely true, but giving is much more than receiving. When you discover that giving is better than receiving, you’re well on your … Read more

Picking A Balance Transfer Credit Card In 2019

Balance Transfer Credit Card

Balance transfer credit cards are in high demand these days, and for good reason. Picking the right one could save you a good bit of money in interest. While there are plenty of articles online about how to pick the best option, most of them are outdated. So, I decided to dig in and provide … Read more