How to Get Started Flipping Houses With Little Money for a Fix-Up

Do you know the biggest reason house flipping projects fail to generate revenue for investors? It’s underestimating costs—a common topic in many books on flipping houses. So, how do you renovate if your house flipping project is already hanging on a shoestring budget? Go Minimal If you are strapped for money for your fix and … Read more

The other 5% of Real Estate

This is a follow up article on real estate investment that I had written about here in the past.  To get killer deals on real estate you must understand one simple fact: At any given time across America there are really two real estate markets.  The first is the regular or retail marketplace.  This is … Read more

The Economics of HVAC Automation for Commercial Real Estate

What is HVAC Automation? Quite simply taking all of the heating and cooling equipment in a building and making it work more efficiently than just on a schedule or by immediate demand. The return for the effort to automate the operation of such equipment is good for several reasons. HVAC Automation is typically an integral … Read more

Existing Home Sales | US Economy Signal Coming Soon

On Monday, we can expect to see the release of existing home sales data from the United States. This is a key signal for those that watch the United States economy or investors interested in US assets. So, today, we’ll briefly discuss what the data is, talk a bit about what we can expect to … Read more