Ambarella (AMBA) Stock Is Up | Q4 Earning Report Blows Expectations Away

If you follow my writing, you know that one of my favorite ways to make money in the market is to track earning reports and follow the trends they create. With that said, Ambarella (AMBA) recently released their fourth quarter earning reports; announcing that earnings were far better than anyone could have expected. So, today … Read more

Alibaba (BABA) Fake Orders | Brushing Plagues BABA Stocks!

When the Alibaba (BABA) IPO announcement came late last year, investors got incredibly excited. After all, Alibaba (BABA) is the Amazon, PayPal, and Ebay of China all wrapped into one. However, there’s a new issue surrounding the company that could drive it right into the ground. It seems as though advertisers have been brushing orders. … Read more

Facebook (FB) Stock | The Latest News Moving The Needle

Facebook (FB) has been a hot stock pick recently, and for good reason. Not only is the company the strongest social network online today, it’s also making an effort to be the strongest company in online ads, online video, virtual reality, and much more. With that said, today we’ll be talking about what we’ve seen … Read more

Apple (AAPL) Spring Forward | Apple Watch, Car, And More!

No matter what investing news blog, paper, or magazine you read, they all seem to be headlining the same story at the moment. That story is Apple (AAPL) Spring forward. The Spring forward event is set to take place less than a week from today on Monday March 9th, and has been stirring up quite … Read more

Google (GOOG) Or Facebook (FB) | Who Will Connect The World First?

When you think of the biggest tech companies in the world, there are a few names that come up. I guarantee you that one of those names is Google (GOOG), and another is Facebook (FB). Let’s face it, we’re talking about giants here. Both of these companies made an appearance in Barcelona, Spain at the … Read more

Apple (AAPL) Registers As Swiss Automaker! Apple Car Coming!

There have been tons of rumors flying around about whether or not Apple will be making a car. Those rumors have now been put to rest; as it is apparent that a car is on the agenda. According to Bloovi,¬†Tuesday 3/3/2015, Apple has officially registered as an automaker in Switzerland! Apple Trademark Registration In Switzerland … Read more

Apple (AAPL) Stocks Continue To Rise| Spring Forward To Blame

No matter where you look in tech news, you’re bound to find two words somewhere on the screen; Spring Forward. Following a bad rap over patent lawsuits, Apple (AAPL) recently announced that they will be holding an event called Spring forward on March 9th, 2015. Since the announcement, Tim Cook has leaked several details about … Read more

Facebook (FB) Has A New Competitor In Virtual Reality | HTC Vive

A short while back, Facebook (FB) got involved in the virtual reality space with a product now known as Oculus; and so far, it’s worked well for the social network. However, as with any gaming idea, the competition in the space is growing fast. Monday, a large competitor announced that they will be making their … Read more

Apple (AAPL) Product Releases | How Tim Cook Changed The Game

I’ve been a fan of Apple’s stock for a while now; after all, any tech junkie like myself can’t turn down a great stock like that! With that said, there’s quite a bit different about the company now that we’ve lost Steve Jobs. The bottom line is that Tim Cook has his own style. That … Read more


SPX is up a seemingly fatigued 1% over the past 2 weeks, yet traders at the close Friday, including YPT were calling the last 2 weeks ‘sensational’ and ‘great!’ WHY? Well, YPT got it’s long awaited QNET (NASDAQ INTERNET INDEX) breakout on Feb 12/13. This QNET Momentum gauge plasters, ‘INTO THE TRADING DAY’ and YPT … Read more