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Apple Registers As Auto Maker In Switzerland

Apple Registers As Auto Maker In SwitzerlandThere have been tons of rumors flying around about whether or not Apple will be making a car. Those rumors have now been put to rest; as it is apparent that a car is on the agenda. According to Bloovi, Tuesday 3/3/2015, Apple has officially registered as an automaker in Switzerland!

Apple Trademark Registration In Switzerland

Apple’s trademark can now be placed on any “Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, electronic hardware components for motor vehicles, rail cars, and locomotives, ships and aircraft; anti-theft devices; theft alarms for vehicles; bicycles, golf carts; wheelchairs; air pumps; motorcycles; aftermarket parts and accessories for the aforesaid goods”

This Opens An Entirely New World For The Tech Giant!

The trademark registration as reported by Bloovi opens Apple up to a wide array of new products. Of course, the Apple car is at the top of the list, but if this report is correct, they could be making just about everything that moves within the next several years! I wonder if we’ll be hearing hints about what the plans are at Spring forward.

We are researching the story now and will bring you more details as they become available! We have correspondents in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium checking into the validity of Bloovi’s claims. We have also contacted Apple directly and are awaiting a response. 

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Apple Stocks Rise Higher Spring Forward

Apple Stocks Rise Higher Spring ForwardNo matter where you look in tech news, you’re bound to find two words somewhere on the screen; Spring Forward. Following a bad rap over patent lawsuits, Apple (AAPL) recently announced that they will be holding an event called Spring forward on March 9th, 2015. Since the announcement, Tim Cook has leaked several details about the Apple (AAPL) watch and several rumors have started to fly about what else were likely to see. So, today, we’ll give you an overview of the Spring forward news we’ve seen so far and discuss what the most important points of the event seem to be in the eyes of the media. So, let’s get right to it.

Tim Cook’s Leaked Info

It’s obvious that the Apple (AAPL) watch is going to take the main stage at Spring forward. If the expectations set fourth last year weren’t enough; since the announcement, Tim Cook has been talking about what the Apple (AAPL) watch will be nearly non-stop! Here are the details that he has leaked to the press so far…

I’ll keep an eye open in Google News Feeds and if I find any more leaks, I’ll let you know!

Key Need To Know News About The Spring Forward Event

While the Apple (AAPL) watch seems to be the main topic of discussion at the Apple (AAPL) Spring forward event, it’s important to remember that the watch isn’t going to be the only thing talked about. Here are some of the other topics of discussion that we can expect…

What Do You Think We’ll See At Spring Forward?

Other than the appearance of an Apple (AAPL) watch, everything else is really speculation. However, everyone seems to have their own idea of what might happen. I’d like to hear yours! What do you think we’re going to see at Spring forward?

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Virtual Reality Market

Virtual Reality MarketA short while back, Facebook (FB) got involved in the virtual reality space with a product now known as Oculus; and so far, it’s worked well for the social network. However, as with any gaming idea, the competition in the space is growing fast. Monday, a large competitor announced that they will be making their way to the virtual reality stage…HTC. So, today we’ll talk a bit about the new HTC virtual reality product called Vive, How Facebook’s stocks reacted in early morning trading, and whether or not Facebook (FB) has anything to worry about when it comes to growing competition in the virtual reality industry.

HTC Announces It’s Making Its Way Into Virtual Reality With Vive

HTC announced Monday that it’s working with Valve Corp to create a virtual reality product. The new virtual reality goggles that will be available later this year will be used with sensor towers and a controller. Another key part of this announcement is that HTC has already created relationships with developers. The goggles are designed to run on content provided by Facebook (FB) competitor, Google (GOOG) as well as Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF), HBO, and more.

How Facebook (FB) Stocks Reacted Following The News

Following the announcement, Facebook’s stock price went on an immediate downtrend; falling from $79.07 at 9:30 AM to $78.67 by 9:55 AM. However, it seems as though Facebook (FB) investors have decided to brush off the challenge. Shortly following the day’s low (So far), the stock bounced back up in a big way. By 11:25 AM, it was over the start point at $79.83 per share. However, as we normally see in the market when tracking short time frames, we’re seeing a bit of volatility at the moment (11:40 AM) Currently, Facebook (FB) stocks are trading fro $79.37 per share. Overall, based on the movement we’ve seen today, I’m not sure that investors even consider HTC to be a major Challenge to Facebook (FB).

Is The Virtual Reality Space Already Convoluted With Too Much Competition?

In my opinion, it’s getting that way. I remember when gaming consoles made the big move from cartridges to CD’s; giving them more graphic capabilities. That’s when the gaming world exploded! Then again, there were only a few competitors. Sega, Sony, and Microsoft (MSFT) pretty much ran the entire market; and for the most part…Sony and Microsoft (MSFT) still do! However, that’s not how things seem to be playing out in the virtual reality space. It’s almost like any company that has anything to do with the technology industry wants to get involved. Just to name a few…

The list goes on and on. The funny thing about all of this is that virtual reality really hasn’t even touched the scale of popularity yet. While the concept seems cool, there hasn’t been an overwhelming interest in the technology from consumers quite yet. So, with a limited audience, I think there’s already far too much competition in the space.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you think Facebook (FB) investors really care about HTC’s move into virtual reality? With so much competition in the small market as it is, do you think VR will even make a difference for a company like Facebook (FB)? Let me know in the comments below.

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Apple Product Launch Spring Forward

I’ve been a fan of Apple’s stock for a while now; after all, any tech junkie like myself can’t turn down a great stock like that! With that said, there’s quite a bit different about the company now that we’ve lost Steve Jobs. The bottom line is that Tim Cook has his own style. That new style is most apparent when it comes to products that are soon to be released. So, today we’ll talk about the style we saw from Steve Jobs, the difference we see with Tim Cook, and which style is better for the tech market.

Steve Jobs Was A Master Of Suspense

When a new press event was being held by Apple (AAPL) in the past, there was always an amazing level of excitement for me. Ever since we saw the first iPhone and all of its capabilities, I’ve been infatuated with trying to figure out what the company would come out with next. The bottom line is that when Steve Jobs was in control, product launches were a complete surprise. There was never a leak that this or that would be coming out, definitely not pictures and prices of the products circulating, we knew absolutely nothing; other than the fact that an event was being held. Ultimately, as human beings, we are curious creatures. So, the desire to know and long weeks, sometimes months of waiting, would naturally make us feel like the product was better than it actually was when we finally got to see it.

This Strategy Worked

OK, I’ll be honest here…I hated Steve Jobs for the way he released products. I understood that suspense was important, but as a tech junkie, I just had to know what was coming. That’s what made the strategy work so well. Because we knew nothing, we had no choice but to think about what could be coming, speculate about the possibilities of said possible product, and eventually shut up and wait for the release. Like I said, I didn’t like him for it as a tech junkie. Hon the other hand, as an investor I absolutely loved this idea! Every product launch was like another bundle of cash falling out of the ATM!

Tim Cook Likes Leaks

On the other hand, the new Apple (AAPL) CEO, Tim Cook, does things a bit differently. While the ultimate goal, building suspense, is still very much alive in the strategy, Mr. Cook goes about it in a different way. Instead of making sure that information about products doesn’t get leaked, Tim Cook is the one leaking information on a regular basis. For instance, we know that a Spring forward event is coming March 9th. We also know that the Apple (AAPL) watch will be part of the event with features like time only mode and the ability to replace your car keys. How do we know that? Well, because Mr. Tim Cook already leaked this information himself.

Does This Strategy Work?

This is definitely a topic of some debate. While Tim Cook does have amazing sales numbers, Apple (AAPL) is going to naturally grow in sales…after all, it is a household name. So, while some point to higher sales volume as proof that the leaks work just as well at building suspense; others think that the Steve Jobs strategy was the way to go. In my opinion, as much as I hated him for it, the suspense made product launches from Apple (AAPL) more fun, more interesting, and made consumers more willing to buy. While I do agree that Cook is doing a great job so far, I personally think that he should work harder on keeping things a secret before the product becomes available.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What is your opinion on this debate? Who’s strategy is better for sales, Steve Jobs’ or Tim Cook’s and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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SPX is up a seemingly fatigued 1% over the past 2 weeks, yet traders at the close Friday, including YPT were calling the last 2 weeks ‘sensational’ and ‘great!’


Well, YPT got it’s long awaited QNET (NASDAQ INTERNET INDEX) breakout on Feb 12/13. This QNET Momentum gauge plasters, ‘INTO THE TRADING DAY’ and YPT social media links. It has steered our clients books almost perfectly with each market unwind and rally, leading the major indices in each market turn the past year.

In the past 10 trading sessions, the max gain in YPT’s MOMO ( Growth, Leaders, High Beta ) barometer was ~4.5%, while the majors indices limped around at highs. Early in Wednesday’s trading session, YPT noted the outperformance of the QNET as its MegaCap components started to flourish (GOOG LNKD PCLN NFLX AMZN) in what we called ‘sugar coating”. Pour some sugar on Me’ga Caps continued to see follow through on Thursday into months end. The index peaked this week above the summer highs and likely does not go further in YPT’s view until the SPX re-visits its place in the upper range it was bound to for many weeks till recent leg higher. It’s been a nice ride, but some consolidation is needed in our SMID’s and MegaCap QNETS after the rip higher and SPX may lead it there.


Also, despite Small Caps showing stronger Revenue growth vs. S&P 500 this earnings season (*as expected due to Domestic vs. Multi’s foreign exposure), RUT outperformance / daily new highs last week, the Relative strength performance of Small Caps can’t get over the ‘R’ hump (line). It’s not a secret IR hikes make Small Caps less attractive as markets near their due date, so RUT relative strength v. S&P 500 chart at this time is hardly surprising. To get over the hump, market as a whole needs a catalyst and there doesn’t seem to be one near term. Also this past week, market lost its reasons to climb the ‘Wall of Worry’ that got it to fresh highs.


Is YPT worrying about the posssible consequences of money starting to resume its roll out of RUT (YPT niche is SMID caps/ growth!)?. Were we worried in March 2014 till the bottom in October 2014 on this chart?. No, just rotated to the Grumpy Old Men stocks (MSFT INTC CSCO) for a period of time. Lastly, how many growth, high beta stocks did YPT play to the upside after the grizzly valuation unwind exhausted itself in June till now?. This chart didn’t look any better than, but its been a nice beta ride since, including this amazing earnings season for our top 40 SHADOWLIST (public) stocks. In Q1’15, YPT alerted multiple SMID’s, which rocked +15-35% post calls. They included ( PAHC NOW PAYC QTWO IPGP FEYE ) and more in YPT Premium as you know. Just last week, 3 more YPT top stocks knocked it out of the park, ( AVGO here since $38, CRM blow out and CSGP ). All these listed stocks were on our sites SHADOWLIST top ~40 (public) tab entering 2015.

In all, yes, it’s going to be a struggle to see this breakout in favor of the small guy. An inevitable shake and unwind is likely as soon as the hike date gets priced in and YPT will adapt as needed when the time comes. In the meantime, as noted post Greece expected developments over a week ago, we’d trim some of our big winners as ‘Wall of Worry’ gets painted over with Greece, FED (Yellen) and earnings that matter disappearing over the horizon.

It’s (trimming, taking profits) not out of fear due to any Bear rumblings, it’s just the natural thing you do as a trader and investor, especially if you’ve had a ‘sensational’..’great’ earnings season!

Now..onto YPT SHADOWLIST single stock/ sector plays heading into the week, …………………”

Apple Watch Spring Forward Event

Apple Watch Spring Forward EventYesterday, Apple (AAPL) announced that there would be an event called Spring forward on March 9th. Since the announcement, the media has gone wild talking about what we’re likely to see at the Spring forward event. Of course, the main story is what Tim Cook says the apple watch is going to be able to do…you know, tell time, hold a battery charge for 24 hours, the type of things Apple (AAPL) product consumers care about. So, today, we’ll discuss what the Apple (AAPL) watch might be willing to do, why I think initial sales will be a hit, but beyond that the Apple (AAPL) watch is a struggling product, and we’ll talk about how the stock market is likely to react on March 9th.

What We’re Likely To See At The Spring Forward Event

We all know that Apple (AAPL) doesn’t hold these events to tell us bad news. This one follows the same basic protocol as just about all of their other product featuring events. Major media outlets get an email letting them know that they’re invited to an invite only event…check! Then, on the day of the event, Apple’s Tim Cook will show off features of a gadget we already knew about (In this case the Apple Watch) or he’ll show off something brand new (unlikely in this case). Here’s what most are expecting…

Why I Don’t Think The Apple Watch Will Succeed

Let’s face it, the world of smart watches is flat out ridiculous. Why would you need a watch the size of a cell phone when you can see the time, search the web, talk to friends, and do anything you’d do on a computer on your cell phone these days. The idea of paying several hundred to several thousand dollars for a watch that can’t hold battery life longer than a day is ridiculous in and of itself. While I’m sure that Apple (AAPL) junkies will eat the watch up in the beginning, I think that at some point reality will set in and popularity of the smart watch, made by Apple (AAPL) or a competitor, will dwindle.

How Apple (AAPL) Stocks Are Likely To React To The Event

As with any major event Apple (AAPL) has, we can expect that before, during, and shortly following the Spring Forward event, Apple (AAPL) stocks will rise in value. So, set your clocks traders; it will be time to capitalize on the uptrends!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you looking for anything in the Spring forward event? How do you think stocks will react? Let me know in the comments below!

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China Dumps Apple

China Dumps AppleWhile Apple (AAPL) stocks have seen a slow and stead rise and value throughout most of the month of February, the end of the month seems to be a bit of a drag on the price. As an Apple (AAPL) stock enthusiast, I was focusing on the good. The company’s Spring forward event, the move to protect European data privacy, even the thought of the Apple (AAPL) car had me excited. However, it seems as though I was making one of the biggest mistakes that investors were making; I was digesting the good news and ignoring the bad! So, I reached out to my friends at stock twits and asked “With all of the good news about $AAPL these days, why is the stock price falling?” OK, so that’s not the exact quote, but that’s the gist. The response I got really opened my eyes…

@joshuarodriguez Seems your looking a little past the billion dollar law suits, china dropping them, and buying all the rumors – by GrindTime

While I didn’t want to believe that Mr. GrindTime was telling the truth, the dramatic fall in Apple’s stock price today gave me no choice but to look into it. Low and behold…he’s onto something. In fact, Mr. GrindTime hit the nail on the head! China did drop Apple (AAPL) and we’re seeing major waves from a lawsuit from Ericsson. So, I figured I’d talk a bit about that today. Let’s get right to it…

China Ditches Apple (AAPL) & Other Foreign Technology Companies

According to MarketWatch, “China has systematically removed several leading foreign technology brands from its list of suppliers for government contracts over the past two years,”. The information is coming from a Reuters analysis that shows that China is ditching technology products from Apple (AAPL) along with Cisco Systems, Citrix Systems, and more.

While China is ditching foreign technology products, experts don’t believe that the refusal to buy these products is a sign of anger toward any of these brands. Instead, most believe that this is a step China is taking to strengthen its own technology sector. Nonetheless, Apple (AAPL) and other United States based technology companies are definitely feeling the pain.

Ericcson Files Lawsuits In Attempt To Ban Apple (AAPL) Products In United States

Perhaps even bigger news than China’s reducing interest in Apples products, Ericsson responded with 9 lawsuits against Apple (AAPL) after negotiations failed. The goal of the suit is to ban some Apple (AAPL) products including the iPad and iPhone in the United States. The Swedish technology giant says that the Apple (AAPL) products in question infringe upon 41 of their patents. In a statement, Ericsson had the following to say…

By refusing Ericsson’s fair and reasonable licensing offer for patented technology used in Apple smartphones and tablets, Apple harms the entire market and reduces the incentive to share innovation.”

This follows a recent verdict against Apple (AAPL) that alleges that the company stole software used to store and distribute data in their iTunes platform. However, the suit filed by Ericsson is a much bigger issue entirely.

What Else Could Be Moving The Tech Market?

Another thing to note is that Apple (AAPL) isn’t the only stock moving down in the tech market today. We’re seeing the trend all over the place. Facebook (FB) is down 1.79% today, Microsoft (MSFT) is down 0.62%, Cisco Systems (CSCO) is down 1.30%, GoPro (GPRO) is down 6.07%, and Alibaba (BABA) is down 0.29% today. So, if anyone can add reasons we’re seeing the drop in Apple (AAPL) and in the rest of the tech market today, please do so in the comments below.

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Facebook Germany Privacy Lawsuit

Facebook Germany Privacy LawsuitFacebook (FB) stock fell sharply Friday morning as German consumers have started to join the fray surrounding online privacy. The largest consumer protection organization in Germany said that it would be sending a lawsuit Facebook’s way if the social media giant refused to change its terms of service. Today, we’ll talk about the massive changes in online privacy we’ve seen recently, the German organization that’s demanding change in the social network’s terms of service and why, and finally, we’ll take a look at the big hit Facebook (FB) stocks took today as a result.

Online Privacy Is Changing

Last year, the world of internet privacy started to change. One of the biggest reasons for the change was a frightening revelation brought about by what’s now being called the Snowden Scandal. Edward Snowden leaked classified information that the United States Government wasn’t only spying on enemies. In fact, they were spying on allies, consumers, and their own government agencies. This news sent shock waves through the world of online privacy. As a matter of fact, the news that the NSA doesn’t seem to care about privacy has caused several tech companies including Apple (AAPL), (CRM), and Amazon (AMZN) to start building data centers on European soil. Now, as consumers start to care more about the privacy of their data, we’re also starting to see lawsuits pop up!

About The Organization That’s Threatening Facebook (FB) And Why

The organization that sent the stiff warning to facebook is known as the VzBv in short or in full, The Federation of German Consumer Organizations. The group is more of an umbrella corporation that overshadows 41 of the largest consumer advocate agencies in Germany. In the demands they sent to Facebook (FB), they state that there are 19 clauses in the terms of service and data protection guidelines published by Facebook (FB) that violate German law. While we will see claims like this from time to time, the most shocking part of these claims is that they seem to be true. As a matter of fact, Heiko Maas, Germany’s Justice Minister openly supports the complaint and wants German users to be able to opt out of specific features without having to cancel their Facebook (FB) accounts entirely.

Facebook’s Reaction To The Demand

Facebook (FB) took a more surprised stance in their reaction to the complaint and informed the press that they are reviewing the complaint in more detail. They also stated that they have recently updated their policies to make them more clear. In a statement to the press, Facebook (FB) had the following to say…

They were surprised that the complaint “…focused on settled terms and features that have been part of Facebook and other online services for the past 10 years, such as real-name policies…We recently updated our terms and policies to make them more clear and concise, to reflect new product features and to highlight how we’re expanding people’s control over advertising…We’re confident the updated comply with applicable laws.”

How Facebook (FB) Stocks Reacted To The News

As mentioned above, Facebook (FB) stocks are down sharply today following the new complaint. The company’s stock price fell from a previous close of $80.41 per share to $79.54 per share by 10:45. Since then, the stock has fallen at a relatively slow and steady pace. It currently sits at $79.41 per share (1:10 PM).

What Are Your Thoughts

Do you think that this complaint will have any long term affect on Facebook’s stock price? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below!

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Will Apple really build a car

Will Apple really build a carLast week, there was a huge rumor going around online. Tons of people believed that Apple (AAPL) was going to join the race to build the first perfect self driving car. However, as more and more stories came out, it became clear that the idea of a car was all speculation. While the rumors about the idea that Apple (AAPL) would be building a car have proven to come from sources that we can’t necessarily trust, as I think more and more about the idea, I’m starting to think that it’s not all that far fetched. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple (AAPL) really was planning on building a car and when a leak came out, they worked fast to debunk it. So, today, I’ll point out a couple of signs that Apple (AAPL) is interested in the the auto industry, talk about their ability to build a car if they wanted to, and discuss the probability of this rumor actually coming to fruition.

Apple (AAPL) Is Clearly Interested In The Auto Industry

The fact that Apple (AAPL) is interested in the auto industry is no secret. They’ve made that very clear with the following…

  • Car Play – Apple (AAPL) is already toe deep in the waters. Have you heard of Car Play? Of course you have! It’s apple’s product designed to make operating a vehicle more enjoyable. The Dashboard deck features a sleek flat screen that offers just about anything any driver would need; even many things a driver really doesn’t need. Many people, including myself believe that this product is kind of like Apple (AAPL) putting its toes in the water to test temperatures; and, in my opinion, when it comes to Car Play, the temperature is about perfect.
  • Tesla (TLO) – Tesla (TLO) is one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers; and guess what? Apple (AAPL) is interested in them. Recently, there have been a ton of rumors flying around about a partnership between the two companies. While the rumors haven’t yet come to fruition, it’s really not that far off. Apple (AAPL) is known for innovating and making products that are already there…better. Tesla (TLO) has a great product, but their not the top; and Apple (AAPL) may have just what it takes to push them there. So, a match between the two companies would be more like a match made in heaven.

So, keeping the two factors above in mind, Apple (AAPL) is obviously interested in the automobile industry. The big question is whether or not they will act on that interest.

Could Apple (AAPL) Manufacture A Car If They Wanted To?

Let’s face it, while Apple (AAPL) has manufactured computers, tabs, smart phones and more, a car is a completely different undertaking. So, a big part of the debate seems to be whether or not Apple (AAPL) even has the ability to create a car if they wanted to. In my personal opinion, the answer is yes; and it seems like Forbes agrees with me. Here’s what I think about Apple’s ability in the auto space…

  • What Is A Car Really? – If you take away the frame, body and wheels, you’re left with an engine powered by a computer. Today’s cars aren’t as much of a mechanical masterpiece as they are a technological masterpiece and Apple (AAPL) is one of the royals in the technology world. So, couldn’t apple make the computer run the engine and just build a frame around it?
  • Tesla (TLO) Comes Up Again – If Apple (AAPL) really is partnering with Tesla (TLO), wouldn’t that throw the doors wide open for Apple (AAPL) if they wanted to manufacture a car? After all, at that point, one of their partners could simply guide them through the process!
  • Money – Apple (AAPL) has tons of money in the bank…literally, thousands upon thousands of pounds of it! If Apple (AAPL) really wanted to build a car, I’m sure they could find the best and brightest minds in the industry to pay handsomely for the favor.

Will Apple (AAPL) Build A Car?

In my opinion, it’s inevitable. The question really isn’t “Will Apple (AAPL) build a car?”, it’s more like “When will Apple (AAPL) build a car?” While the actually creation of a car may be years away, I believe that Apple (AAPL) has the ability and desire to do it one day.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you think Apple (AAPL) will be building a car in the future? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below!

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Facebook Is King Of Tech Stocks

Facebook Is King Of Tech StocksFacebook (FB) is one of the most interesting stories in corporate America today. When the company started, it was a small social network designed to connect students; requiring an invitation just to join. Today, Facebook (FB) is the largest social network in the world by a long shot. However, it’s clear that the company is not done evolving. Today, we’ll talk about the big plays the company is making to take over the internet, and what we can expect to see from Facebook (FB) in the near future.

Facebook (FB) Is Making Big Plays Online

Facebook (FB) is no longer just a social network. It’s a media engine that many people live their lives around. Knowing that, the company is working to turn Facebook (FB) into more of a media engine, giving users less of a reason to leave and more of a reason to spend time on the site. In my opinion, they are trying to become the next Google (GOOG) and doing a very good job at it! Here’s what we’ve seen from Facebook (FB) lately that leads me to that conclusion.

  • Facebook’s Move To Dominate Streaming Video Content – The streaming video battle is on. Top contender…Google (GOOG) with their smash hit YouTube! While there are tons of other contenders out there like Amazon (AMZN), Netflix, and more, Facebook (FB) isn’t afraid of the competition. So, they’ve decided to come into the game as well. They’ve even gone as far as reaching out to Youtube’s top video content providers to try and make a deal; and they’ve been successful at it so far!
  • Content Is King – In the world of the internet, content is King and Facebook (FB) knows it. Don’t get me wrong, between feeds and other content sources, Facebook (FB) definitely isn’t lacking in this arena. However, they would like to improve! So, Facebook (FB) has started talking to the most talented content publishers in their network in an effort to create a reason for those publishers to publish content directly to the social network.
  • Advertising Keeps You Alive – Facebook (FB) is no stranger to advertising. After all, if it wasn’t for online ads, the company wouldn’t be making any money. However, they’ve made moves recently that would rival Google’s CPC advertising efforts. Today, the company has more than 2 million active advertisers within a client base that continues to grow at an astonishing rate. So, while Google (GOOG) still takes the lion’s share of online advertising, I’m starting to imagine Facebook (FB) taking the lead within the next 5 or so years.

What This Means For Google (GOOG), Microsoft, And Other Companies In Tech!

The biggest thing it means is that these companies are going to have to work harder in an effort to keep their dominant positions in the online world. While Google (GOOG) still controls more than 60% of the worlds online search market share, they’ve also lost a major chunk to Bing from Microsoft; proving that if a better product in tech becomes available, Google (GOOG) isn’t immune to the affects. However, with a heavy hitting player like Facebook (FB) looking to get more involved in all areas online, just about any company that makes a decent amount of money online should be on notice. Google (GOOG), Yahoo! (YHOO), Microsoft (MSFT), Netflix (NFLX), Amazon (AMZN), and more need to continue to do what made them the top in the first place; they need to innovate new and exciting ways to use technology! If they slow down, Facebook (FB) might just pick up where they left off!

What Are Your Thoughts

Do you think that Facebook (FB) is going to be the world’s #1 online media giant within the next 5 years? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below.

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