Cellceutix (CTIX) Gets Mako’d Again…Who Bites Next?


Cellceutix Corp (OTCMKTS: CTIX)

Cellceutix (CTIX) was the latest victim of noted short seller Mako Research, which appears to be going through their ordinary rounds of fallacious attacks, picking on the same companies in a rotary fashion, grabbing pennies when it can. But, is their style and grandeur starting to get long in the tooth losing, causing their rhetoric to lose some strength?

Granted, CTIX traded down by about ten cents on Tuesday and the volume was strong, but shrewd investors know that a good portion of that volume was orchestrated by the Mako dump crew, who coincidentally showed up today at the CTIX post and ran trading volume about 10X higher than the recent average by what appears to be a barrage of short-sale trades during the morning session.

CTIX CEO Has Some Choice Words For Mako

There is no need for me to fight the battles for CTIX, as their CEO, Leo Ehrlich, does a fine job on his own. He made sure that the market was not confused about his opinion on the newly published hit piece when he said, Mako is a pawn in an organized criminal enterprise that profits tremendously from this type of fake news that Seeking Alpha relishes publishing because it drives web traffic. There’s a reason that the courts have ruled that Seeking Alpha is not a credible news source,” He added, “We will continue to gather information on Mako and his co-conspirators.”

The Courts Opinion Of Mako And Rosen

While Mr. Ehrlich does a fine job representing, props must also be given to his legal team. Last year, the CTIX legal team sent a similar Mako attack to the recycle bin when a District Court judge published a scathing decision on its CTIX editorial, finding that the accusations had absolutely no merit whatsoever. The opinion was one of the most entertaining decisions I have read in quite a while. Not only was Mako discredited on its long-winded diatribe of inflammatory comment, so was an attorney from Rosen Law Firm, who conveniently filed a class action suit within hours of the article. This super-human legal efficiency caused the court to wonder…how could Rosen Law Firm have drafted, edited, researched, and filed such a lengthy suit in such short manner? Well, stay tuned for that part of the story, as rumor is making its way around the water cooler that Rosen Law Firm may become the poster child for unsavory sanctions by that same judge. It’s getting apparent that the court system is getting fed up with frivolous class action lawsuits that are eerily designed to act as methods of extortion rather than a means to argue legal merit. But, we shall let the judge speak to that issue, which is expected imminently.

Investing In The Real CTIX – Kevetrin

While CTIX and the short-selling players duke it out, it’s only fair that investors get some legitimate information on which to base an investment decision. CTIX is actually making strong progress in its clinical trials, advancing two compounds, Kevetrin and Purisol.

Kevetrin is demonstrating strong results in its clinical stage trial. The drug is a small molecule compound that has the potential of becoming a breakthrough cancer treatment by activating the p53 protein when targeting solid tumors. The p53 protein, which has been in focus of late, has a critical role in controlling cell mutations. Kevetrin acts to permit the normal function of the p53 pathway, allowing the body to use its natural anti-tumor defense mechanisms to ward off tumor growth. CTIX is now advancing its phase 2a trial of Kevetrin in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer. Also important to the case that CTIX is for real, Kevetrin has been granted Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA to treat Ovarian and Pancreatic cancers. And while articles may claim CTIX to be a fraud, I just can’t fathom that the FDA has been duped, whereby CTIX is producing real clinical results in an effort to disguise their real mission (stock manipulation). It’s just a bit hard to swallow.

Purisol Is Also A Potential Winner

Purisol is another strong candidate for CTIX. This compound has already demonstrated that it can successfully treat psoriasis-associated conditions. Purisol has provided strong data in two clinical trials and has shown results that even surpass the current best standard of care. On the convenience and patient compliance front, Purisol is an orally administered medication, a far more patient appreciated method of treatment than the current alternatives that require frequent doctor visits and have uncomfortable side effects and adverse events.

Purisol is a novel dermatology drug candidate that has been granted the FDA’s 505(b)2 development approach. This process streamlines the approval process by allowing the drug developer to utilize data from previously approved medications. Thus, CTIX is not put in a position whereby they will need to re-prove all of the efficacy standards of a specific ingredient in the dosage. The 505(b)2 saves considerable time and money and allows CTIX to remain multi-focused on two advancing trials.

The Next Bite Taken…CTIX Or Mako

Shareholders should stay tuned, as there is little doubt that the saga between CTIX and the land shark is far from over. Setting trader motive aside, the continued soap opera between CTIX and Mako proves that shareholders need to spend a decent amount of time vetting both the companies that they invest in, as well as sourcing the news that they read about a company.

Relying on a well written, but potentially fictitious editorial is dangerous. And those CTIX shareholders that bailed today may be sorry that they did. Mako is a declared short, and shareholders should read the articles they present as entertaining, but purposeful. Over 1.5MM shares traded in CTIX on Tuesday, over 10X its daily average. For those that think the attack was not coordinated, think again.

My point is simple. The Makos of the world will be around as long as the SEC continues to turn a blind eye in their direction. When the articles they present are fact based, they can do a shareholder well. However, when the intent is so blatantly apparent to knock a stock down, no matter the commentary, it may be best if shareholders simply left the computer and went to purchase a double mocha latte. It’s a lot easier to swallow and they won’t lose their stock during an emotional trade.

Don’t worry, though, we’ll keep you posted as to the latest developments in this ongoing battle.

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