Celsion Corporation (CLSN) Stock: Gaining On ThermoDox® Data


Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ: CLSN) is having an overwhelmingly strong start to the trading session in the pre-market hours this morning, and for good reason. The company announced data surrounding ThermoDox®, leading to excitement among investors who are pushing the stock toward the top. Today, we’ll talk about the data that was released, how the stock is reacting to the news, and what we’ll be watching for with regard to CLSN ahead.

CLSN Gains On ThermoDox® Data

As mentioned above, Celsion Corporation is having an overwhelmingly strong day in the pre-market hours this morning after the company announced details from a Phase 1 clinical trial surrounding ThermoDox®. The data came from a study in which the company collaborated with the University of Oxford to execute a clinical trial focused on the treatment of primary and metastatic liver cancer.

The data, including the trial protocol for TARDOX, has been published in an article in the Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound. The article features the design of the trial. During the trial, the primary outcome measures were direct quantification of the doxorubicin concentrate before and after focused ultrasound mediated hyperthermia from tumor biopsies, using high performance liquid chromatography. In a press release, CLSN said that the secondary outcome measures relate to the safety and feasibility of inducing controlled FUS-mediated targeted hyperthermia in the target tumor non-invasively in order to achieve what the company is calling ThermoDox® release. If you would like to read the article, it is available here.   

In a statement, Michael H. Tardugno, Chairman, President and CEO At CLSN, had the following to offer:

“Both Celsion and Oxford believe there is significant potential when combining ThermoDox® with focused ultrasound to treat a broad range of malignancies, including primary liver cancer… TARDOX, the ThermoDox/Focused Ultrasound trial, is an important step in demonstrating that ultrasound-induced hyperthermia can enable the highly targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to tumors non-invasively. This represents another unquestionable example confirming ThermoDox’s mechanism of action in a clinical stage setting and further establishes that ThermoDox may be used with multiple heating technologies allowing for successful targeting of a broad range of primary and metastatic solid tumors with high concentrations of chemotherapy.”

What We Saw From The Stock As A Result

As investors, one of the first things that we learn is that the news moves the market. So, there’s no surprise that the overwhelmingly positive news released by Celsion Corporation led to incredible gains in the stock. Of course, our partners at Trade Ideas were the first to alert us to the gains. At the moment (9:22), CLSN is trading at $3.48 per share after a gain of $1.34 per share (62.62%) thus far today.

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What We’ll Be Watching For Ahead

Moving forward, the CNA Finance team will be keeping a close eye on CLSN. In particular, we’re interested in following the story surrounding ThermoDox, as every bit of information that is released with regard to the treatment seems to be overwhelmingly positive. Nonetheless, we’ll continue to follow the story closely and bring the news to you as it breaks!

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