Champions Oncology (CSBR) Stock Fortifies Existing TumorBank

Champions Oncology Inc (NASDAQ: CSBR)

Champions Oncology, on Thursday, announced that the company has added new cohorts of PDX models to their existing TumorBank. These new models will expand CSBR’s product line in hepatocellular cancer, breast cancer, castrate resistant prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, AML, and non-small cell lung cancer PDX models.

With the addition of these PDX models, each with full clinical annotation, CSBR’s TumorBank portfolio is now provides greater than 900 clinically relevant patient-derived xenograft models.

CSBR Addresses Standard Of Care

Dr. Angela Davies, CMO at CSBR, commented on the addition of these new models. “Champions continues to invest in building new models that reflect the evolving standard of care to provide robust model cohorts for pre-clinical research and clinical trial simulation. Champions Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations infrastructure, designed to facilitate research collaborations, allows not only for new PDX model building but also supports building models co-clinically to maximize translational learning from early phase clinical trials.”

Champions continues to be aggressive in adding to its already impressive and relevant TumorBank. CSBR has added over 160 new and unique models during the past six months, which are intended to deliver a valuable and cost effective tool for the pharmaceutical industry in their pre-clinical and clinical drug development research.

An Emerging CSBR

CSBR is a unique company, engaged in the development of advanced technology solutions and services intended to offer a personalized development approach and use of oncology drugs. CSBR’s proprietary TumorGraft technology platform offers a novel approach to personalizing oncology care based upon the implantation of primary human tumors in immune deficient mice, which is then followed by by the propagation of engraftments in a manner that preserves the biological characteristics of the original human tumor. This, in turn, provides valuable information to allow clients a clear determination of a studied treatments efficacy potential.

The unique thesis behind CSBR is that the company is not affected by trial success or failure. The company is merely the conduit that allows the client to determine the appropriate and most logical course of action from pre-clinical to planned phase I trial applications.

As a contract provider, CSBR has no real skin in the game in regard to treatment efficacy, other than maintaining the ability to offer a 100% reliable model for a proposed study or treatment. This feature allows CSBR to benefit from the contract model, and at the same time eliminates the headline risk associated with trial or therapeutic results.

CSBR clients benefit tremendously from the CSBR’s TumorGraft technology, allowing those in the drug development space to significantly lower the cost of study and to increase the speed at which they can develop and deliver new drugs to market.

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