CNA Finance Chooses Meta Masters Media as Its Official NFT News Provider

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are hot, and I mean sizzling hot, right now, and they’re overwhelmingly valuable. So far, the record for the highest priced sale of one of these digital artworks comes in at a whopping $69 million!

While those types of sales don’t happen every day, these digital collectibles are trading hands daily for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, with a multi-million-dollar sale hitting the tape seemingly at least once a week. 

At this point, there’s no denying the validity, nor the value of these digital assets, and as the investing community gets involved in the space, quality news sources need to become more readily available. 

After hours upon hours of research and discussions, we are proud to announce that we have found a news source we’re not only excited to recommend, but the team here at CNA Finance follows too, Meta Masters Media.

What Is Meta Masters Media?

Meta Masters Media is an NFT project led by Apes in the industry like PrepsToThePros and ArtSoFly. These Apes have plenty of experience in the industry and have put some serious money where their mouth is with a website featuring some of the highest valued Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Lazy Lions, and more. 

At the moment, the team is developing an NFT game in which players will be able to put their NFTs to work in the competitive atmosphere, a game that we’re expecting to be one of the hottest to hit the industry to date. 

Nonetheless, as we wait on game development, the company has plenty to offer, especially to the investing community. 

Investors Considering NFT Investments Should Follow Meta Masters Media News 

As an investor, you know that the news moves the market. That’s the case in the traditional investing world of stocks and bonds, and it’s the case in the digital investing world in terms of cryptocurrency and digital art. 

We’ve been following Meta Masters Media for some time now and it seems as though every time we see a story first, we see it on their platform, and as you know, time is money!

However, real-time news isn’t the only content you’ll likely enjoy on the platform. The company is in the process of putting together a robust NFT education section, one that already has plenty of articles to dive into and is growing quickly. 

Why We Chose Meta Masters Media as Our Official NFT News Outlet

We’ve been approached by multiple NFT websites asking us to link to their works from CNA Finance, but that’s not what we’re about here. While I am an avid NFT enthusiast that sees tremendous value in the technology personally, CNA Finance is about investing and trading in the traditional sense. So, it didn’t make sense to build out our own NFT news section. 

In an effort to keep our outlet laser focused on the types of articles you read and enjoy, we set out to find a platform we would be happy to recommend, but it had to have the following characteristics:

  • Led by Leaders. First and foremost, the news platform we chose had to be led by leaders in the industry, not just a Joe Blow trying to make money by appealing to enthusiasts interests. PrepsToThePros and ArtSoFly aren’t just NFT enthusiasts themselves, they are well-respected members of the bustling non-fungible token community. 
  • Timely News. We also didn’t want to recommend a news outlet that simply regurgitates the news you read on another website three weeks ago. In order to be recommended, the outlet needed to either consistently be the first to report the story, or hit the story within an hour or two of the first report. That’s exactly what we found in Meta Masters Media. 
  • A Willingness to Share the Love. The NFT community is just that, a community, and the most respected players in the community are far from greedy. In fact, the big dogs in the space are known for sharing the love, taking time to teach beginners and highlight works done by others in the community, a practice that’s best for all. We found a screaming example of this on the company’s website with their Daily NFT News collections. Of course, these articles link to their own branded news, but that’s not the only thing they link to. Every day, at least three news stories from other providers are highlighted. If that’s not sharing the love, we don’t know what is! 
  • Innovators in the Community. Finally, whoever we chose for the position as official NFT news provider would need to be an innovator in the non-fungible community. That’s exactly what PrepsToThePros, ArtSoFly, and the team at Meta Masters Media are all about, innovation driving the technology to become all it can be. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that if we were going to recommend our readers to look elsewhere for NFT-related news, it had to be a top-notch outlet led by top-notch people that are making big moves in the space. Meta Masters Media represents all that and more!