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Joshua Rodriguez – CNA Finance Founder

Joshua RodriguezJoshua Rodriguez is the founder of CNA Finance. Throughout his career, his content has been featured on mainstream news outlets including Seeking Alpha, Talk Markets, anyoption, USNews & World Report, and many more.

Joshua’s likes to discuss where assets will move in the market, what reports may be coming out and what to expect, economic conditions and more. If you have any questions for Joshua, please feel free to contact him using the information below or by simply commenting on one of his posts.

Contact Joshua Rodriguez

By Email – CNAFinanceHelp@gmail.com

By Phone – (503) 464 – 6502

On Twitter – @CNAFinance

Available for Hire? – Joshua is available for hire with regard to freelance writing, journalism, and public speaking events.

Robb Andrade – So, How Does It Affect Me? Columnist & CNA Finance Partner

Robb Andrade

Robb Andrade is a technology entrepreneur whom has worked and lived in the US and in Europe. His professional experience includes large international companies and small start-ups. A Historian by education, Robb views macro financial events, policies and trends through the lens of an avid hands-on investor that takes the long view and strives to read between the numbers.

Robb has previously written for the magazine of the World Economic Forum and CEO Today with a focus on technology as it relates to risk management. Robb’s weekly “so How Does It Affect Me?” column focuses on events, policy shifts and trends that seem disconnected from the average investor yet can definitely affect individual portfolios.

Contact Robb Andrade

Email – Robb@CNAFinance.com

Gina Young – CNA Finance Columnist

Young-0044 (2) (427x640)Gina Young is an MBA, licensed teacher, online finance writer, and creator of Money Savvy Living, a resource for budgeting and money saving tips on everything from trimming your grocery bill to building your savings for the future, family, faith, and living a healthy lifestyle.  She also currently writes for Examiner and SuperMoney.

Throughout her career in finance, Gina has advised clients in the areas of investing, retirement planning, and personal finance. As a manager, she trained and educated employees on how to succeed in sales and marketing. Her most important role, though, is that of being a wife and mother of three sons.

Contact Gina Young

Email MoneySavvyLiving@gmail.com

Twitter – @GinaChanceYoung


Available For Hire? – Contact Gina via her contact page to discuss potential opportunities.

Terry Chrisomalis – Tuesday Talk with Terry Columnist

Terry ChrisomalisTerry Chrisomalis is a CNA Finance Contributor and founder of http://www.biotechpicklist.com/. Terry Chrsomalis holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. In addition to being a CNA Finance contributor and founder of BiotechPickList Terry contributes to other Stock Market websites. Such other websites contributed too arehttp://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Terry-Chrisomalis/ and Seeking Alpha Under the name “Long Term Bio”. http://seekingalpha.com/author/long-term-bio

Terry has been writing about biotech companies for many years now. Terry writes about new and existing biotech companies in addition to big pharmaceutical companies that are innovating new treatments for many of today’s unmet medical needs. Terry has a large following on Stocktwits discussion pharmaceutical companies under the name “BiopharmaPro” http://stocktwits.com/BiopharmaPro

Contact Terry Chrisomalis

Email – biotechpicklist@yahoo.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/BiotechListPick

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Biotechpicklist/211660682333495?ref=hl

Available For Hire? Yes

John Jamieson – Wealth without Stocks Columnist

John Jamieson

John Jamieson is the owner of Perpetual Wealth Systems, which is a national wealth strategy company working with people and businesses on a better business model for automatically and systematically creating wealth. He is an expert at Wealth Creation/Preservation, Marketing, Sales and Real Estate Investment. John and the team work with investors from all over North America to help them build what he calls “Tax Free Generational Wealth”. He specializes in showing people how to create income and wealth without utilizing stocks or mutual funds.

He has spoken to hundreds of audiences all over the United States and Canada on the subjects of Business, Real Estate and Wealth Creation. John also is the #1 best-selling author of “The Perpetual Wealth System” in addition to a Contributor to CNA Finance. He has also written for AOL’s DailyFinance and Global Banking and Finance Review. He is looking forward to releasing his new book; Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds.

Contact John Jamieson

Email – John@ThePerpetualwealthsystem.com

Twitter @JohnJamieson

Phone – (586) 944-0794

Available For Hire? – Yes. John is available for speaking engagements and writing.

Jeff (A.K.A. Swing Trade Warrior) – Swing Trade Wednesdays Columnist

JeffJeff is a U.S. equities and options trader, investor and educator. He has been actively trading and investing in the markets for 9 years and is the head swing trader atwww.warriortrading.com. Before taking to the markets full time, Jeff was an entrepreneur and an SEC registered investment advisor with an educational background in physics and mathematics. He was able to develop a profitable swing trading strategy that has helped him outperform the markets year after year. All his trades are announced and alerted via chat room, email and text alert to members of his community. He also keeps a transparent and public track record of trading history available for view to the general public.

Jeff is a moderator at the Warrior Trading live chat room and regularly announces day trades using momentum and reversal strategies, in addition to his swing trades. He uses a hybrid fundamental and technical approach to swing trading and makes his strategies available for anyone seeking to learn. Jeff also relies heavily on the latest in trading technology and uses customized and proprietary scanners that he has written and fine tuned over the years to help alert him to high probability winning trade setups. You can follow Jeff on Twitter and StockTwits @SwingWarrior and on Facebook at Swing Trade Warrior. He is always willing to answer questions about trading or investing that people may have and can be reached at jeff@swingtradewarrior.com. www.warriortrading.com (formerly www.daytradewarrior.com) is ranked top 10 at Investimonials.com.

Contact The Swing Trade Warrior

Email – Jeff@SwingTradeWarrior.com

Twitter @SwingWarrior

Your Personal Trader – Into The Trading Week Columnist

Your Personal TraderDISCOVERING WINNERS since 2006- SMALL/ MID CAPS EARNINGS/GROWTH linked stocks, MOMENTUM STOCKS/ SECTORS. Daily stock market color and insight before every U.S market open, (‘INTO THE TRADING DAY’, 5X a week before 8:30 am/est)
Follow our extensive trading desk experience and lead in recognizing daily event upside/ downside risks ahead of each trading day. YPT bridges the gap between the retail-investor / trader and the institutional players by filtering out the noise, abundance of information (good or bad) generated through the media/ Internet. Our daily Journals encompass YPT trading methodology allowing you to interconnect with us by ‘Shadowing’ our trading platform watchlist.

Contact Your Personal Trader

TO VIEW on YPT ‘FREE’ on MOBILE devices: https://www.rebelmouse.com/Yourpersonaltr1/
EMAIL YPT: use link on YPT website.

Will Lipovsky – CNA Finance Contributor

Will Lipovsky

Will Lipovsky holds a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, and political science. While in school, he was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and earned an ACT CAAP writing score in the 98th percentile nationwide. He has worked in the public, private, and academic sectors. His most notable appointments include a research and analysis position at the U.S. Strategic Command and as an analyst for Fiserv.

Now in his mid-twenties, he is growing his net worth to be financially independent by age thirty. He writes to show others that creating lifelong wealth can (and should!) be done as early in life as possible. Will is a blogger (his journey began with firstquarterfinance.com), freelance writer, staff writer, and online marketer. Will’s work has been featured on Lifehacker multiple times, The Globe and Mail, and in other prominent publications.

Contact Will Lipovsky

Email – will.lipovsky@gmail.com

Twitter – @firstqfinance

Available for hire? Please connect with Will either via email or through his Freelance Writing Page to check his availability.

Kalen Bruce – CNA Finance Contributor

Kalen Bruce - CNA Finance ContributorKalen Bruce is the founder of MoneyMiniBlog.com.  He is passionate about helping you master your finances and maximize your productivity. Kalen is happily married with 4 children and currently serves on active duty in the United States Air Force.  After he and his wife paid off over $24,000 in consumer debt, he decided that is was time to start helping others do the same.

Kalen writes about getting out of debt, investing for retirement, earning and saving more money, productivity, creating habits and self discipline.  Other than being the founder and main writer for MoneyMiniBlog, Kalen is also a regular contributor to LifeHack.  His work has been featured on The Globe and Mail, The Trent, Wise Bread, and Budgets Are Sexy. You can get his free book, Financial Freedom on a Full Schedule, and learn how to take control of your time and your money.  Connect with Kalen on Twitter and Facebook.

Contact Kalen Bruce

Email – kalen@moneyminiblog.com

Twitter – @MoneyMiniBlog

Available For Hire? – Yes. Click here for more details.

Glen Stephenson – CNA Finance Contributor

Glen Glen Stephenson is the founder of Monster Piggy Bank. Glen started writing about personal finance to help him stay focused on paying down his mortgage. 7 years later he has paid off his $315,000 mortgage and he now wants to help you to do the same.

Glen often writes about various personal finance topics including debt, saving money, investments and more recently about how to start an online business, which is something that he and his wife have had a lot of success with.


Contact Glen Stephenson

Email – Glen@MonsterPiggyBank.com

Twitter – @MPiggyBank

Available For Hire? – Contact Glen via his contact page to discuss availability.

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