CVM Stock: A Massive Catalyst Is On The Horizon

CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSEAMERICAN: CVM) is rocketing in the market this morning, following up on the recent gains we’ve seen in the stock. Interestingly, no press releases or SEC filings have hit the tape. 

So, what’s going on?

Investors are expecting a massive move this month following a data release that has been years in the making. Here’s the scoop:

April Could Be A Massive Month For CEL-SCI Corporation

While there’s no news out of CEL-SCI yet, that could change very soon. In fact, April is expected to be a pivotal month for the company, which is why investors seem to be diving in head first. 

The company focuses on the treatment of cancer, with head and neck cancer taking center stage. Moreover, it’s flagship treatment, Multikine, is expected to lead to a major catalyst. 

For some time now, the company has been working on a Phase 3 trial of the treatment as a potential option for patients with head and neck cancer. In fact, with 928 patients enrolled in the trial, it’s the largest clinical study assessing a head and neck cancer treatment in history. 

So, what’s the deal?

Well, the last patient was enrolled in the study in September of 2016, and investors have been waiting years for results. Over those years, the long wait has led to significant declines in the value of the stock and pretty heavy short interest. 

Nonetheless, that’s all likely to change with results expected in the near future. 

Now, I want to be clear here, CEL-SCI hasn’t shared a date as to when it expects to release the data from the clinical trial, so, the rest of this article is largely speculation, but that speculation is born in research. 

With that said, I’m expecting that the data will be released very soon. In fact, on the FDA’s clinical trial website, the expected completion date for the trial is April 15, 2021. That means that the trial should be completed as soon as next week, and investors are expecting to see data. 

Moreover, the company already said that it is working on processing and finalizing Phase 3 data. Again, they didn’t give a date as to when that would take place, but given the expected study completion date of April 15, 2021, we have something in the near term to look forward to. 

At the same time, institutional interest is picking up, with BlackRock and Vanguard being two of the largest institutional holders in the ticker. Now, these are big players, and they’re not in the business of losing money. So, their interest only serves to validate the fact that something big is on the horizon. 

Savvy investors seem to be picking up on the opportunity as well. In fact, volume on April 16, 2021, options is flying, suggesting that I’m not the only person that has come to the conclusion that April 15th or 16th will be the date of the catalyst. 

This Thing Could Rocket

If I’m right, the opportunity here could be very difficult to pass up. After all, it could send CEL-SCI flying in the market. We recently saw what a short squeeze can do to the ticker, and there’s potential for another one. 

Keep in mind, 13% of the volume on the stock is short volume, and with a public float of just 38 million shares, a short squeeze could tip the scales of supply and demand, leading to a dramatic run for the top. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that April has the potential to be a pivotal month for CEL-SCI and its investors. The company has been working for several years to produce data from the largest clinical study in the history of head and neck cancer, and it seems as though all that work is going to produce results in a matter of days. 

With so much pent up interest in the stock, retail investors paying close attention, and institutional investors taking positions, the opportunity surrounding CVM stock is hard to ignore. 

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