My Very Own Dear Debt Letter!

Dear DebtOK, so I’ve been following Melanie at Dear Debt for a couple of months now. I love the way she humanizes debt and talks about breaking free. Recently, I met Melanie at a blogger get together, aside from the fact that she’s crazy talented, she’s also a really cool person! Anyway, a while back, I sent her an email asking if she would write a Dear Debt letter. So, today, I present to you a letter from one of my favorite up and coming bloggers!

As a show of respect for Melanie and all guest posters here at CNA, I never change anything, including the author bio. Everything mentioned in these posts are from the view point of the writer. That being said, I’ll shut up now and give Melanie the spotlight she deserves…

Melanie blogs about breaking up with debt at and invites others to write breakup letters to their debt as well. She’s accumulated a total of $81k in student loan debt between two degrees, and has paid off $37k. Currently she puts more than 50% of her income towards debt, while living a frugal, fun life. Follow the adventure @DearDebtBlog

Dear Debt,

I’ve put so much of my heart and soul into this relationship, trying to make it work. I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars trying to repair our relationship.

I want to love you, but after everything you’ve put me through, I’m harboring so much resentment.

I thought we were in this together. I thought we’d take over the world and accomplish all of our dreams together. Where did we go wrong?

I know I made some mistakes too, but you started asking more and more of me. I started to feel overwhelmed and consumed with making you happy. It was as if I alone was the secret to your happiness or pain. You were in pain and it was my fault. I expended all my energy and money trying to make you better, but I’m left bereft with no money, no love. Nothing.

It’s my turn to take control of my life. I can’t go on and do everything with you in mind. I have to learn what I am like without you. You’ve defined me for so many years and now it’s time for me to break free.

I wish you the best and hope we both don’t get hurt further along the way. But it’s time for the real fun….freedom!


4 thoughts on “My Very Own Dear Debt Letter!”

  1. I love this idea! I think that each indebted person would have something slightly different to say in a Dear Debt letter. It would be a good exercise to solidify the resolve of each debtor to “break up” with debt. Thank you, Melanie and Joshua. I’m already thinking of what I’ll say in my letter : )

    • Hi Prudence! Thanks for the comment. That’s what I love about the project, is that it values so many different voices. I’d love for you to write a dear debt letter and get some things off your chest 🙂


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