Delcath Systems (DCTH) Stock: Investors Speak Out!


Delcath Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DCTH) has been a topic that I’ve followed for a while. However, more recently, I’ve been soliciting opinions and facts from my readers with regard to the topic. I couldn’t imagine that I would get so many responses to these solicitations. Nonetheless, all of the responses seem to have followed down the same lines in some ways.

At the end of the day, I’ve received a ton of emails with negative opinions regarding to how management treats investors. When attempting to voice their concerns, these investors have called and left voice mails as well as sent emails and letters, only to receive no response. So today, I decided to open this page up to the public. If you have a message that you’d like to get to Delcath Systems, feel free to leave your message in the comments below. The comments will go into moderation but will be approved within 24 hours. Once your comment is approved, it will be sent via email to DCTH as well as the SEC.

Petition To Reduce Management Salaries For DCTH Management

One of the biggest complaints that I’ve seen with regard to Delcath Systems is the fact that salaries are exorbitant. While the management lead lives of luxury, investors have found themselves in a bad position, as these high salaries have continued to eat away at the company’s finances. With that said, I strongly suggest that any investor that has this complaint sign this petition designed to get management to reduce their salaries.


  1. I am relatively new to investing and owning shares of companies but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that management has no interest or concern about the investors or the company. They are simply riding this as long as they can to line their own pockets. Imagine what could happen with a management team that understood the need to manage both aspects and look at the long term possibilities instead of short term interests that only benefit their pocketbooks.

  2. Yes, there have been a lot of questions or you want to call it rumors such as Aryton Capital bought only to vote yes. I think management needs to clear these issues addressing the public.

    Secondly, there have been no mention of actively seeking strategic alliance. I was under the impression that Chemosat was successful and effective treatment based on all the trial results and press release in the past. In some cases, the treatment was extending patient life to as much as 3 years.

    Why isn’t the company addressing the public of potential partnership to solve the funding issue and marketing potentials. Frankly Delcath is too small to be able to market the treatment effectively in a global setting.

    As investor, I’ve heard nothing but bad financing with the 35 million convertible since last year. Again this year I’ve heard nothing but RS talk and how management is out of funding and actively pushing for nothing but RS?

    Is that really what the company cares about is a reversed stock split? Keep this up, the general public is going to want a change in management soon.

    Delcath needs a partnership deal done ASAP. It’s the only win win outcome. Because a partnership brings that much needed help in terms of funding, development, and marketing resources that can save Delcath long term. Management team gets to keep their jobs.

    On the other hand, shareholders gets a welcoming boost in their investment. Then a RS to restructure the company capital will easily pass without a doubt. If anything history have taught us many lessons and one of them is that those in power cannot rule for long with dictatorship.

    The continual push for RS with no real solutions and underhanded tactics, as will as continual dilution the shareholders with bad finance will only result in heavy loses for both sides. Management is creating a lose lose situation here and that’s the worst outcome possible.

    If Delcath does not get the RS = no funding = potential bankrupt or sell assets cheap. Major loses in company value. Shareholders gets no long term benefit, yet another major loses.

    If RS passes, it temporary saves the company but we know any long investors will be hit with major loses based on the 40 million warrants proposed pose RS. Management is being very selfish here and that’s not how this world works. I hope they get this message and realize no one will win in the end without real solutions that benefits both sides.

    In the worst case scenario, management needs to look for proper exit because shareholders now owns majority of the company and the message is loud and clear. I don’t think it’s wise to go against the public walking the fine lines with the laws and regulations. It will only ended up in law suites and potential SEC investigation which means either fines or potential prison time. Do the right thing for once.

  3. Earlier in April – Delcath wrote a letter saying till end of the year, you have cash in hand. After that. later in your sec filings you said, you don’t have cash after September.
    No communication from management in July-august till August 28th
    Why management doesn’t have shares/stock options in their salaries. Most of the CEOs and CFOs take part of their salaries as stock options, Delcath doesn’t have those options? Why? You don’t think share price will increase at all, which will allow better compensation for management?
    Why Shareholders care you, if you don’t care shareholders?
    With last couple of R/S – SH value decimated -lost almost 99% of value.
    We as shareholders wondering – Is the company thinking of shareholders or not?

  4. I am a minor stockholder that voted my shares in favor of a reverse split and who encouraged my daughter (a larger investor) to do the same. I have an interest in Delcath for two reasons: 1) a small financial investment and 2) with great interest in your research and products as I am in the field of medicine. I follow the daily chatter about the company, and try to sort the “wheat from the chaff” to allow moderately sensible decision-making. One sentiment that I see reflected in ALL types of comments and from many arenas is this: Delcath would receive a great deal more support from the shareholders if they saw the entire management team reduce what many consider to be extravagant salaries to help the company get through the financial crisis. This would reflect well on the company and the management’s true commitment to their company and products.
    And, more frequent news updates on product development status and financial issues other than urging support for the reverse split would likely elicit more cooperation from your investors. I have hopes that you are greatly successful in getting your products to the market and available for saving lives as they are intended to do. We invest in you; we deserve respect and being kept up to date without harassment or fear of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.

  5. I first invested a couple months prior to the last failed RS. I’m averaged at a very low SP so I’m not that worries however, there are alternative options that would make me feel more comfortable and encouraged to possibly buy more. As previously mentioned, the executives and board could offer up 20% in exchange for shares at the current SP. They also need to reprioritize their expenditures. Budgets for Marketing, Sales, and Conferences should be cut drastically. The company should be focused on reducing operation costs if they believe that the future of the company is so dire. Basically, the powers that be need to impose austerity and get some skin in the game. Maybe if that happens they will draw some attractive partnerships as opposed to a liquidation buyout where they no longer have a job.


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