Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN) Stock | Is Now The Time To Buy?

Enzon Phamraceuticals Stock News ENZNEnzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ENZN)

Enzon Pharmaceuticals stock is seeing a bit of a decline today. However, investor sentiment doesn’t seem to be matching what we’re seeing in the market. At least, that’s the case when you search social trading spaces like StockTwits.com. So, for a guy like me, this raises a huge question…

Is Now The Time To Buy ENZN?

ENZN has acted more like a roller coaster in the market over the past few days. We’ve seen massive gains, followed by massive declines as investors try to pinpoint when the stock is headed for sustainable growth. So, there are a few things that are clear here…

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  • Investors Are Interested – There’s no doubt that investors are interested in ENZN. Throughout the past few days, we’ve seen quite a bit of volatility in the stock caused by incredibly high volume. The volume simply wouldn’t be there if investors didn’t have a strong interest in the stock.
  • A Breakout Is Coming – We’re seeing strong breakout like movement recently in the stock. However, every time it gets close to resistance, investors and traders are getting spooked and it’s turning the other way.
  • There’s Opportunity To Get In Cheap – Think about it…with all the investor excitement revolving around this stock right now, it’s going to go up; it’s just a matter of time. However, fortunately for the smart trader, overreaction to market trends has brought the value of the stock to a low point; giving the trader the opportunity to buy low and sell high!

What We Can Expect To See Long Term

Enzon Pharmaceuticals is a great company which develops treatments for patients who’s needs are currently unmet; and investors are interested. With that said, we know that great companies tend to grow and investors move the market. Considering that investors are getting excited about ENZN, we can see that the company is headed in the right direction and will most likely see long term growth.

What Do You Think?

Where do you think ENZN is headed and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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