ERBB Excites Investors While Dropping to Fresh, Tempting Lows


ERBBERBB, most famous as being part of the Marijuana movement, has recently undergone some lumpings, as Mike Tyson would call it, in the market. The stock’s price has seen it drop consistently since striking it’s 52-week high of .113 cents. That run up back in March of 2014 came after the stock had bottomed out at/near .001, very similar to the scenario being presented at hand, just a bit higher levels. Higher lows, as bulls call it for this emerging market.

Stocks are famous for playing out these situations. Drastically running into the lows only to swing around and run up fresh highs. This is what happens when stocks get hot. They get active. They become volatile. That’s how investors/traders make money. And the markets are on historical highs right now.

However, what investors/traders should be doing is not being afraid. Although many critics may bash the stock, smart investors understand the intrinsic value of this company’s stock per se. For this past year, investors were never presented with a better buying opportunity. Literally. Analysts and gurus can whip out the financial sheets pointing to deficits and debts owed by ERBB. Or talk about ERBB and their lack of PR. But intelligent investors understand this is a company that is trendy, hot, hip, and very active. Just look at yesterday’s session. An eleven percent (11%) swing in one session alone. Investors and traders are purchasing shares of an active, live, and heavily traded Marijuana/Hemp industry stock by purchasing ERBB. The stock, as mentioned, has a history of reaching .113 cents just one year ago.

Typically speaking, external forces drive these equities. Normally, legalization of states, reported large sales/profits, news of influencers/backers/new investors, and even events such as media coverage/stories all help push these stocks higher. All of these factors help support and raise awareness to the critical aspects of Marijuana and Medical Marijuana. Usually, when we see heightened attention to the industry we see spikes in price levels. At least that’s what all of the Marijuana/Hemp historical charts tell us. Yesterday, we witnessed some 52M shares of ERBB trade hands. That is close to if not a new 3-month high in volume alone. As traders say, volume comes before price.

While this article is not meant to sway those not interested in ERBB, it is intended to raise the awareness of investors/traders that ERBB is inviting very attractive entry levels to those interested in a potentially extremely profitable marijuana stock investment. Simple mathematics state that if the average investor were to purchase ERBB today at .0088 with $500, that would yield them 56,818 shares. Should that same investor have some discipline and ability to hold to the 52-week high that would yield that investor $6,420.45. 

Some simple due diligence on the company would reveal that ERBB is a startup company fairly well established in the industry with much upside potential. $1 for this stock would not be a surprise.

The company will have released all of their initial phase of their eighteen (18) ZaZZZ machines. The last bidder picked up the final machine, Exhale Med Center in West Hollywood, California, the top-rated collective in Los Angeles according to Yelp ( American Green, Inc. will have data loaded online so that site users and individuals can track data apparently. The entire ZaZZZ network will be online next week for all to see in terms of names, locations and products. Enhancements to the site will be forthcoming (and ongoing) but the goal is to enable ZaZZZ account management, location discovery, and additional perks available to all involved in the success of the program.

“No part of this has been easy,” says Stephen Shearin, president of American Green. “If it were, it would be a crowded market, indeed. As it is, we, as the solo pioneers, are making progress every day. At the same time, American Green must insure that our company and products are 100% compliant. We recognize the need to tread very carefully through these waters. We’ll take as much time as we need to satisfy ourselves and the communities with whom we work, but make no mistake — this is happening.”

The market and general marijuana sector is extremely excited for ERBB and it’s evolvement through the years to come. Profits should be through the roof. The President and COO of ERBB will be live with the guys on Pot Stock Radio this coming Sunday, March 8th, 2015 with a live interview. Tune in and check them out at

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