ERBB Investors Rush In to Cash In, Stock Soaring +17%


ERBB logoERBB investors were patient this A.M. Some would even say fearful, driving the stock down again tagging its 52-week lover, .0075 cents. Not long after that it’s been all upward momentum since then swapping 42.4M shares so far in today’s session. The stock has hit a high of .0097 cents almost busting back through the penny level. Momentum appears to be in the favor of ERBB as the session continues showing much buying pressure from the bulls. Shorts and bashers are without questions fearful as this stock is charging higher. The stock currently sits up .0097 up some 18.29% in today’s session alone.

Investors and traders can’t seem to get enough of American Green, Inc. (OTC:ERBB) today. As we watch the buying today, we continue to see investors simply nibble through whatever resistance ERBB attempts to create. Perhaps investors and traders are realizing exactly how low they drove this stock versus its actually intrinsic worth and potential. With big news coming from the company, major swings such as todays illustrate just the future this company can paint for us. We continue to reiterate our belief that this stock has the potential to run to $1.00.

A pioneer in the industry, most recently, ERBB completed the ZaZZZ transactions putting all eighteen (18) to use and the company stated that the Network should be live shortly. We will continue to stay alerted and keep you updated on the current ERBB rally.

American Green Inc, formerly The Tranzbyte Corporation, is a driving force behind Altitude Organic Corporation, One Bode, The YO! Debit Card, and ProximaRF. Altitude Organic Corporation is a medical marijuana dispensary brand. It has developed retailing, branding, and commercial cultivating strategies in conjunction with its licensed medical marijuana retail dispensaries operating under the Altitude Organic Medicine brand name. In September 2014, the Company acquired OG Tea Corp whose primary business supplies system of veganic products specially designed to promote healthy growth of general produce.

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