Facebook (FB) Stock: 3 Reasons This Stock Will Soar

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB)

When I say Facebook, chances are that you know exactly what I’m talking about, whether you are right next door or half way around the world. The truth is that Facebook has grown to become a massive company, one which about one-seventh of the world’s population is not only familiar with, but uses! However, some argue that FB has saturated the market so well that it will not be able to grow much more. I beg to differ my friends. Here are 3 reasons why FB is likely to soar!

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Facebook Is Unlocking A New Revenue Opportunity

FB is the king of revenue. There have been few companies in history that were as good at growing revenue as Facebook. While they may have heavily saturated the market, that doesn’t mean that the strong revenue growth is going to stop; in fact, it’s just getting started. Recently, leaked documentation shows that the company is working on a new way to bring in the bucks. FB has monetized its web platform and done very well at it. However, its messenger app is currently ad free. According to leaked documentation, the company is looking to change that, and in a very smart way. Consumers who open message threads with businesses will receive ads from those businesses. This way, phones aren’t ringing for unwanted ads. The plan is genius. Not to mention, if it works out, FB will have a new advertising opportunity that will provide a way to monetize a system with more than 800 million users!

FB And Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next big thing. In fact, over the next few years, it’s expected to grow to become a multibillion dollar industry. Guess what? Facebook is likely to lead the charge. In 2014, FB acquired Oculus, a virtual reality headset maker. From there, we’ve seen several developments from the company in the space. In fact, the most recent news with regard to FB and virtual reality came out earlier today. The social network has formed a virtual reality team. The job of the team is simple – explore the future of social interaction in virtual reality! The new team at FB will work to create social apps in virtual reality including games like minecraft and others. According to the company, these apps will be coming to the Oculus store later this year.

Facebook Is Far More Than A Social Network

Finally, I’d like to touch on what Facebook was and what it has become. FB started as a social network, and a private one at that. Only university students could get in. Soon, the social network expanded and allowed everyone on the planet to get involved. From there, growth happened in a big way. Then, we started to see videos, games, music, and much more being shared on the social platform. From there, FB became the go to spot for millions of people to digest media content, play games, reach out to family and friends, and much, much more! Today, FB has more than a billion monthly active users, most of whom don’t view it as a social network, but more as a way of life. Not to mention, the company is working on streamlining offline revenue opportunities. The reality here is that when you invest in Facebook, you’re not investing in social media, you’re investing in a company that has revolutionized human relationships.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while Facebook has saturated the social media market, they are working in several other markets, and will likely see incredible growth. All in all, FB has proven its ability with regard to innovation, expanding revenue, and getting consumers involved. With that said, I’m only expecting to see good things out of the stock.

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What Do You Think?

Where do you think FB is headed moving forward? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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